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    Review: Dream Spa - Joy the Little Pocket Rocket Sized Spinner.

    Saw her the other day. She’s a whirlwind. Probably not going to review since it was pretty close to what you described.
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    Review: Spa 202-206 - Lucky - Possibly the Most Beautiful Girl Ever to Work in NJ

    I had one ok visit here, one visit where I questioned why I even bother at all with this and then, giving them one more try, going early and making an appointment, I had the best experience I’ve had so far with Angela. All the little seemingly stupid details are actually helpful if they’re not...
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    Review: Mimi @ Hawaii - So done with this place

    “Wish I could take my load back” LMFAO. She goes to take the hat off, you snatch it like, “give me that shit!”.
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    Review: 306 Stone Tina

    Oh, weird. Didn’t realize that. Maybe it autocorrected.
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    Review: 306 Stone Tina

    She said Tina. I saw another review that described a girl very similar to who I saw. To be fair, I THOUGHT she said Tina. It was mumbly and she didn’t speak English so…
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    Review: 306 Stone Tina

    Title: Review: 306 Stone Tina Date: May 12, 2024 Phone: 347-399-1246 City: Rockaway State: NJ Location: Next to Thai restaurant House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 28 Physical Description: 5’1”. short hair. Small, soft natural B’s with gumdrops...
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    Review: 202/206- Angela

    My experiences here have been miss and miss. First time, I made an appointment with Baby but got there and the girl who answered the door took me. She didn’t understand what I was saying so I just went with it. Cute milf but guarded service up front only opening up after the fact. Friend...
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    Review: Apple - Fairview 365 Spa

    I’ve wondered about guys doing this. I used to only go for the basic package but then started realizing I was doing it in FS places so not only were the girls getting shorted their usual tip but if the place did happen to get raided, it’s like why go for the basic package, why not just go all...
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    Review: Coco Healthy Spa - Kitty

    I saw her not too long ago and she was firm and in great shape. That’s crazy.
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    Review: VIP Apple

    I guess she also goes by Jenny? The other reviews of her said she was petite but that describes A LOT of body types. Had I known sooner, I could’ve saved enough to visit her three time in gas from going into Jersey.
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    Review: VIP Apple

    Title: Review: VIP Apple Date: Apr 11, 2024 Phone: 610-821-7782 City: Allentown State: PA Location: Wawa zone House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .60 1.40 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 27 Physical Description: True spinner. Thin but not skinny. Soft A cups with eraser nips. 5’2”...
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    Review: Mt Laurel Asians - Lily

    They’re also in Allentown?
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    Review: Kitty at Coco Health

    Title: Review: Kitty at Coco Health Date: Mar 1, 2024 Phone: (201) 233-7756 City: Paterson State: New Jersey Location: Walking distance to 80 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 2.00 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 28 Physical Description: About 5’5”. Firm B’s. Tattoo on tummy. Fit body...
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    Review: Gorgeous, slender and submissive Lucky at Coco Healthy Spa

    Just say that the other girl you saw does things that she doesn’t, like wear thigh highs or swallow. Women are nothing if not competitive with one another.
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    Review: Hawaii - Junea

    You have to put in more than what you did to get credit. If it was Julia, she’s not really flat. She’s an A cup with some sag. Also, people mention her teeth. I’ll probably text today or tomorrow and just get a lineup.
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    Review: Chun-cherry

    Still have to put info in on their website to get an appointment?
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    Route 18 South Nightmare in East Brunswick

    The traffic on the road and the traffic at GDS prevented me from being able to stay. It’s an hour drive and then I’m sitting there for a half hour. I had a four hour window. It’d be great if more reviews touched on this. I tried again a different time coming from Princeton and there were so many...
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    Review: K10Pro - Momo

    Pretty easy to find. Copy and paste the phone # into your browser and then go to the Erotic Review site and the website is clickable from there.
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    SASY new talent

    …Asian? Haha