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    Review: Norriton Spa Yo-Yo

    Title: Review: Norriton Spa Yo-Yo Date: May 23, 2024 Phone: 484-352-2765 City: East Norriton State: Pa Location: W Johnson Highway across from Dunkin House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70+$120 Nationality: Vietnamese Age Estimate: 46 Physical Description: 5-4 120lbs, long dark hair past...
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    Review: Massage Quest-Jenny

    Does she allow UTC roaming ?
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    Review: Green Spa Plus (Nana)

    I always you the back entrance in parking lot. No signage outback so people cannot assume anything
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    Review: Evergreen - Sky

    [removed private details questions]
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    Review: Gigi- phoenixville

    What’s the donation ?
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    Latinas in KOP and Springfield

    I just sent you a PM.
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    Review: Indie- Marianita

    Title: Review: Indie- Marianita Date: May 7, 2024 Phone: 754-368-0256 City: King of Prussia State: PA Location: Hotel in KoP by mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $300 Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 26 Physical Description: 5-4, 120ibs , long dark hair, MM B’s , shaved kitty , firm...
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    Premature ejaculation miracle (at least for me)

    Interesting. How did you hear about it ?
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    Anyone ever use Listcrawler?

    I have used listcrawler like others mentioned and have found some regulars. PM me if you want particulars.
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    Review: Flamingo Spa TOFTT

    Thanks for the review and TOFTT!
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    Review: Indie- Marianna

    B’s not double D and it was absolutely the woman in the photos.
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    Review: Indie- Marianna

    On the list crawler site. In reading another read a monger mentioned a lot of Latino’s were on listcrawler. I looked for listing in King of Prussia. she had over 3 dozen positive comments
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    Review: Indie- Marianna

    Found her on list crawlers
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    Review: Indie- Marianna

    Title: Review: Indie- Marianna Date: Mar 23, 2024 Phone: 754-368-0256 City: King of Prussia State: PA Location: Hotel House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $220 for 1/2 hr Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 25 Physical Description: 5’’4, 120lbs, long dark hair, MMB’s perky nipples, great ass...
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    Review: Spring Rose-Eva

    Title: Review: Spring Rose-Eva Date: Mar 1, 2024 Phone: 267-518-8698 City: Spring City State: PA Location: Strip Mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70+ $140 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 28 Physical Description: 5-3,5-4 , 115lbs , long dark hair, pretty face , B cups with gum...
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    Has anyone seen Alina?

    Does anyone have any information on Alina ?
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    New Ocean, old Saigon

    Thanks for the quick reply. Are there any new AA girls in the line up ?
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    New Ocean, old Saigon

    Anyone know the current line-up here ?
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    Review: Spring Rose - Sara

    Not that big , usually 3-4 girls tops in line up