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  1. ProneBoned

    Why do orgs link to TER?

    Agreed. Unfortunately, this forum is mostly populated by newbies and org handles, one of which asks silly questions, and the other spreads misinformation. I wouldn't say TER is a whole lot better, but at least they have mods keeping things *somewhat* honest.
  2. ProneBoned

    Story time (#1)

  3. ProneBoned

    Lets rate POs for a change.

    Honestly, I don't feel bad for you newbies having to give up info. Keeps me safer from douchecanoes. Apparently there was a "Master List" compiled back in 2006-08 or so during the MRB heyday and subsequent fall, and there are many of us on it who can bypass any type of verification. Why the...
  4. ProneBoned

    Legendary Ceroni and Sexy Mia

    KDG "Mia" is/was as mediocre as it gets.
  5. ProneBoned

    Review: Review: Apple @ TKG

    S Solid, concise, unbiased review. Keep 'em coming...
  6. ProneBoned

    Review: Sophia @ YV

    Fyi, she'll accept 160 for covered 3-hole access, but I'd add 5-10 years to the above age estimate above.
  7. ProneBoned

    MAs in Oakland Reopened

    Ahhh... the good ole' Chinatown Fire Trap! Might go check it out tomorrow just to reminisce if for no other reason...
  8. ProneBoned


    Hydration. Pee immediately after nutting. Shower immediately after peeing.
  9. ProneBoned

    Anyone try sunny @LSC?

    Newbie member who registered 3 years ago? Have you tried the search function? There are plenty of reviews for her. Don't be lazy.
  10. ProneBoned

    Review: GFEI - Juicy (Formerly Coco)

    Looks like our resident Bay Area troll was let out of the basement and given internet access by his mom for rubing her bunions! Thought I wouldn't find his narcissism funny by this point, but apparently I'm easily amused...
  11. ProneBoned

    Double Kgirls?

    Plenty of reviews for past K-gurrl doubles, including my own. As someone above mentioned, imo it isn't worth the upcharge unless there is genuine girl-on-girl action or lack of condom swapping. Think double bbbj, f2f daty, f2f fiv and f2f dfk. I've paid for it with "professionals" a few times...
  12. ProneBoned

    LSC rate increase

    I'm so tired of people complaining about rates. By FAR, the Bay Area still has the cheapest rates in the nation. Yeah, wouldn't it be great to go back to 2012 $$ dollar rates? Rents have increased by more than 50%, as have wages, and this is a cascading cost. I make 2x what I did 10 years...
  13. ProneBoned

    What are the chances?

    Is this some porn star? She looks hella tore up...
  14. ProneBoned

    Are the risks worth it?

    @OP- Sounds like this hobby isn't for you. I would suggest you find something within your risk tolerance, like stamp-collecting.
  15. ProneBoned

    Review: Review: Jain - VnF

    Both Jain and Abbie at VFs are solid Pen options.
  16. ProneBoned

    Review: Adela - AA

    Yeah... those are totally her real pics! :ROFLMAO:
  17. ProneBoned

    Review: Review - Fanny - KLovers

    I'm just going to set the ship straight and say that she is pushing 50 years old, if not a few years into it... you know when someone is younger or older than yourself, and she's definitely older than me. The pics are representative and real, but were taken two decades ago. That being said, in...
  18. ProneBoned

    Review: Hummingbird Spa - Bella

    I've always tipped at AMPs as such: HJ = 1x house fee CBJ = 1.5 house fee CFS = 2x house fee, exchange of cell #s, then incessant follow-up texts about how much she misses me and how much better it will be if I bring more $$$ next time.
  19. ProneBoned

    Any 40+ Aampprovider

    Hey Yeezus- At the risk of being banned from this site, I'll be the first to say it: Your mom.
  20. ProneBoned

    Trip Down Memory Lane

    Bigger girl? Mutual masturbation sounds like Ruby. Straight FREAK!