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    Review: USSR Coco

    I believe it's the same building but upstairs from Refresh Oasis.
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    Avee 9 Spa in RWC

    Yes, I would consider that a bit rude - I never do it.
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    Review: Izumi Spa - Angie - Repost

    Yea, I've been to Izumi many times for a quality massage but never got any HE. My last visit was with Angela - I wonder if it was the same girl - guessing it must have been. Like you said, maybe their remit has shifted a bit to be more of an Amp by now. I might check it out again.
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    Review: Four seasons judy

    Indeed. Reminds me of when I go to Dublin, Ireland, there is a Brazilian massage place called Moonlight Massage and the entrance is from the inside of a mens' barber shop. -
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    Review: Four seasons judy

    It's ok, nothing to seek out necessarily, and it has a weird entrance - you have to walk into a hair-dresser/nail-salon and walk upstairs to the massage place, but one good thing is that it's typically not as expensive as other places. The place is quite clean as I remember.
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    Review: Four seasons judy

    A fall back in this scenario is that Golden Eagle massage is about 20 seconds walk down the street.
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    Review: Eva at BHC

    Ah, makes sense.
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    Review: Tina at Four Seasons in San Mateo (repost due to name left off)

    Alas, I tried this place yesterday and got Jessica, and it ended up being a fully legit massage. In fairness, I admitted it was my first time there, though noted I'd been to a few places nearby like Golden Eagle, though she likely didn't get the hint as her English was very poor.
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    Review: Eva at BHC

    It's a shame so many providers only start with 10 minutes to go; there's a lot to be said for teasing from the get-go.. Can you confirm what PM means (private message)?
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    Review: Mini spa-yoyo

    Izumi Spa can be another option for this kind of experience (generally excellent deep tissue massage), though they likely expect more tip.
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    Any good places in Union City

    I got the full time and wasn't rushed; I wrote a review.
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    Any good places in Union City

    I ended up trying Angel Spa in Union City and it was a pretty good experience.
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    Review: Angel Spa - Michelle

    Title: Review: Angel Spa - Michelle Date: Jan 26, 2024 Phone: (510) 489-2599 City: Union City State: CA Location: Storefront in a strip mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60+80 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 47 Physical Description: Short - likely 5', 1", busty (seem real), though...
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    Any good places in Union City

    Will be in the Union City area later this week with an hour free and was wondering if there are any good AMPs in that area. Any recommendations?
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    Phoenix info?

    Consider checking
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    Review: Lotus Therapy - Selena

    Title: Review: Lotus Therapy - Selena Date: Jan 9, 2024 Phone: (650) 264-8200 City: San Carlos State: CA Location: In a very small strip mall on the corner of Holly and Country Club Drive - a bit exposed to oncoming traffic, and has very little parking. House Fee & Tip (if applicable)...
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    Review: Izumi - no name

    It might have been Mia (used to call herself Julia); I developed quite a rapport with her, and met her outside of her work a lot. She did give massage, but also worked reception.
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    Review: Izumi - no name

    Thanks for sharing. I've had similar experiences there - never got HE, but had some intriguing teasing, which always lured me back for the chance of more. I got the "extra half hour?" treatment too. The massage quality there is typically very high, so even the legit massage and normal tip is a...
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    Review: Review: Eva at Belmont Health Center

    Glad to hear this place can still be a good option. Was the session for a half hour or hour? She was ok with that tip? Seems quite low (e.g. I recently had a session at a South Bay Amp where I gave 70 and was asked for 80), though maybe the low tip is fair given there was no touching...
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    New Happy Feet on El Camino in San Carlos

    Has anyone tried the new Happy Feet in San Carlos (1136 el Camino)? Am guessing it's just a legit massage but not sure; it used to be some other massage place that got closed down.