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  1. Q

    Review: Veronica

    Is she truly no black?
  2. Q

    Review: Tinker - MG

    This Ari is different from the very busty arie right?
  3. Q

    Review: Tinker - MG

    Will ohh ok
  4. Q

    Review: Coco Indy Ktown

    How busty is she?
  5. Q

    Review: Ssbbw Mandy aka Tona

    Just looking at her ad makes me feel like puking causing me to lose interest in scrolling
  6. Q

    Review: Queen of boob job BBW Millena! Indie provider, milking table available

    True way better and pleasant on the eyes than say Tona.
  7. Q

    Review: Ssbbw Mandy aka Tona

    Not even alcohol can make this doable the little guy will shut down at such a hideous sight. I tried a lady like her before but the little head was like NOPE you not doing it
  8. Q

    Review: Ssbbw Mandy aka Tona

    This ???
  9. Q

    Review: Private Russian Agency

    Love cats so a plus for me
  10. Q

    Review: Tall European Bonnie

    soo natural?
  11. Q

    Review: Tall European Bonnie

    Annett has a no black policy?
  12. Q

    Review: Annett

    I prefer the tits real
  13. Q

    Review: Annett

    Can’t find her ad
  14. Q

    Review: Annett

    Any other like her cause I am no longer interested in her sensual Jane?
  15. Q

    Review: Annett

    I guess I will skip on her then
  16. Q

    Review: Annett

    Were they fake?
  17. Q

    Review: Mira Coney Island Ave

    Big girl? Define big big and chubby or big with muscular frame or tall to extreme height?
  18. Q

    Ladyboy/Pre-Op AMPs?

    How much?
  19. Q

    Review: Mari in LIC

    Gone number no longer in service