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    Review: VIP Spa Jenny

    I dont think so. she has been there a while now.
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    Osaka Spa Hillsborough Ave.

    Osaka Spa had become my go to Spa. I recently visited and was surprised to see my fav provider who had been there a long time was gone. I was told it was a move by the owner to bring in fresh talent. If they keep to their current policy it will remain a good spa for us mongers to visit. the...
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    Review: 51 Beauty Spa - Sunny

    Sunny is my ATF. And have had many outstanding massages from her. as you said above she gives a great hard / medium massage and really knows what she is doing.
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    Review: Review: JPladyshow - Xixi

    good review. how much is the house fee and was it for hr or half? House Fee?
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    Review: Q Spa Mina

    There are a few reviews in the Charleston and Myrtle Beach.
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    Review: VIP Spa Jenny

    I guess i should have used $$$ in the free line item. This is the first time i used the $ reference.
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    Review: VIP Spa Jenny

    Title: Review: VIP Spa Jenny Date: May 10, 2024 Phone: 561-309-6404 City: Greenacres/ Fort Worth State: FL Location: Lake Worth rd. across the Bowling ally House Fee & Tip (if applicable) hf .70 hr $$ Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 26 Physical Description: 5ft 5. long black hair...
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    Review: Bamboo Spa

    Look for my review on VIP spa. I'll be heading there on Friday. Last time there i had a great 4 hand experience. See review from November.
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    Emerald Spa Information.

    Are there any reviews on Emerald Spa in lake Worth?
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    Review: Osaka Spa Hannah

    Title: Review: Osaka Spa Hannah Date: Apr 15, 2024 Phone: 813-236-7252 City: Tampa State: Florida Location: Hillsborough Ave. next to Pawn shop House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .8 hr. $150 tip Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: mid 40's Physical Description: 5ft 4. long black hair...
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    Review: Tina Coco

    Do they still have the Sauna?
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    Review: Sunshine Spa Mimi

    Title: Review: Sunshine Spa Mimi Date: Mar 22, 2024 Phone: 813-893-4185 City: Tampa State: Fl Location: Busch Blvd East bound next to the wig shop. parking in both front and rear. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 hr. $$ tip Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: shoulder length black...
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    Providers that drink on the job

    I have shared Jack Daniels with a regular provider. We had a very enjoyable few sessions.
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    Review: Coco Health- Sugar

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    Review: Coco Health- Sugar

    did the 160 include the tip?
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    How’s the climate for this area?

    The climate is good and there are more than a few Spa's depending where you will be living. I turn to a few spa guide sites. BedPage, rubsguide. and Bodyrubsmap. The pictures, age of providers and number of providers will differ from a lot of the ads. but they will give you an idea of what's...
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    Good Spas WPB area

    look for my review.
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    Good Spas WPB area

    I went in the morning.
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    Good Spas WPB area

    I hit up VIP Spa on Lake Worth road. it was slow and got a 4 hands massage that blew my mind.