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    Review: Independent Jenn

    She is a mess 225 for that .. really ..
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    Review: Q Spa Mina

    You are correct sir !
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    Review: Q Spa Mina

    You will not see many reviews in this area horry County sucks when it comes to spa's trust me I tried many and no luck
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    Review: Sun Spa- Rose

    Any spa in horry County is a joke
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    Review: Q Spa Mina

    Wayne isn100% q spa is your best bet hands down
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    Review: Q Spa Mina

    I Think ypi left out to many details don't you think
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    Review: Aqua Day Spa - Becky

    I stopped in yesterday and she is amazing and whata natural full C and a great ass to go with it definitely a real beauty
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    Review: Aqua Boobalicious Becky

    Wate waterboy that is a perfect fit ...Betty boop . she definitely aims to please never leave Disappointed with her always perfection
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    Review: Pleasant Surprise

    This is true the pleasant surprise is on you
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    Review: Pleasant Surprise

    Yes q Spa is definitely worth the trip
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    Review: Pleasant Surprise

    Great review I gave up on all spa in myrtle Beach area but I will definitely give her a try
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    Review: Kims spa Mya

    This is true
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    Review: Yoko Spa

    Great review but your Honest that place is a joke .2 years ago it was definitely worth the trip not anymore
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    Indy providers Myrtle Beach

    I wouldn't waste your time and money around myrtle Beach area ..well I have found anything worthwhile.....take the drive
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    Indy providers Myrtle Beach

    Did you ever try yoko spa
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    Indy providers Myrtle Beach

    You need to travel to Q spa at south of the border they have a beautiful line up
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    Review: Kims spa

    No penny she left
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    Review: Aqua spa

    Title: Review: Aqua spa Date: Jan 14, 2024 Phone: 4847959646 City: Allentown State: Pa Location: Union blvd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Early 40 Physical Description: Sophia about 5.9 and thick Private Details: Was in the neighborhood so I...
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    Review: New Lotus Therapy - Sushi

    I will stop by and give e it a once over
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    Review: Lisa Sasy

    Make sure you make appointment