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  1. Edamame1

    Health and Beauty - Natalie

    I don't mind rolls, just the service was lacking.
  2. Edamame1

    Asia Orchid closed.

    DM me, I'll call for you.
  3. Edamame1

    Russian Providers

    Why don't you just review and get access?
  4. Edamame1

    Review: Review: Nancy Bee Salon & Spa - Sugar

    Ooof. Should have just had nice meal for yourself. Then head back home and put your fleshlight to use.
  5. Edamame1

    Health and Beauty - Natalie

    Her service can use an upgrade.
  6. Edamame1


    Those toes have seen things!
  7. Edamame1

    Seeking Paraplegic providers

    I'm seeking to pleasure a wheelchair bound provider. Let's gooooo!!!
  8. Edamame1

    Review: Repost: Review: Nina @ Luckys

    Don't put your hands on the table.
  9. Edamame1

    Review: Repost: Review: Nina @ Luckys

    lol. don't bring a black light. especially in room #2. i tagged my name on the wall.
  10. Edamame1

    Review: Repost: Review: Nina @ Luckys

    She's Baaaaaaaaaaacccckkkk!!!
  11. Edamame1

    Seeking Paraplegic providers

    You’ll throw them across the room. Cmon!
  12. Edamame1

    Seeking Paraplegic providers

  13. Edamame1

    Locked AMP

    My hunch was confirmed.
  14. Edamame1

    Haircut/BBBJ in the 90s in San Jose

    No shears, please!
  15. Edamame1

    Review: Cupertino DS Jenny w/TS

    TS w/ TS, now that'd be good one!
  16. Edamame1

    Review: Natalie

    This review needs quite of bit of work.
  17. Edamame1

    White WGs

    you could start up a new site
  18. Edamame1

    Review: Health & Beauty - Kate

    Why does it interest you? Kudos to him for what he does.
  19. Edamame1

    Locked AMP

    Don’t get placed on their bad list. You don’t want to be on that one. Trust.
  20. Edamame1

    Los Gatos Parlors

    Azure seems tempting.