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  1. J

    Review: EROS- Geovana

    They're all just holes in the end.... but since the beginning of time as men we'll all tell ourselves that some are "better" because they belong to someone "hotter ". Just like buying a Mercedes vs. A beater car. Both can break down, both can have problems, and in the end both can get you from...
  2. J

    Review: EROS- Geovana

    Good looking if pics are accurate, but no way worth 4 bills. Then again, I don't believe much is....
  3. J

    New Latina at Infinity

    I'd love the pics too. Thanks
  4. J

    Dayna Indy in Pottstown

    She looks nasty as fuck. Other boards describe her as a complete pig.
  5. J

    This smoking hot woman, Intel?

    Saw her reviewed on another board by senior members, but would love if someone here had Intel. I want this so bad I can taste it.. so curvy and so young and hot.
  6. J

    Review: Sesame 54 - Honey

    Old women, haggling. Zero incentive to return. Yet the board gets bombarded with glowing, promotional reviews every time a new whore starts there. It's really fucking annoying and I appreciate the honest reviews from you and others that call out the promoters on other threads. Im not in...
  7. J

    Review: Ruby New Star

    Good review, she sounds nice. But....ultimately another monger thinking with the little head. Again, hope you all get tested regularly and don't have so's that you endanger to feel minimally more pleasure.... just so dumb it's not even funny. Those of you who condone this behavior are also...
  8. J

    Review: Chocolate is a Tasty Snack Treat at Sesame 54

    Projection is an amazing thing.
  9. J

    Review: PW Bodyworks- Cherry.. the VIXEN from Vietnam.. and I think we broke the bed

    Again, the review is like it's from the perspective of a college aged kid who's never gotten laid and wants to tell everyone about his newfound coolness and exploits. Only in America. Party on bro
  10. J

    Review: Paradise--Warm Unicorn Nikki

    In the words of Jeff Lebowski, that's just like your opinion man. Some of you guys on here act like 150 is obese. Lol. Imagine what some of these women endure with the hideous mongers they come across. That and write a review.. frankly no one cares when you make comments like that with...
  11. J

    Review: Paradise--Warm Unicorn Nikki

    Great review. Damn she sounds awesome.
  12. J

    Review: Touched By Angel - Cassandra

    I laid big pipe in her last week in atown, not sure if she's still there or not. She really is an absolutely nasty girl who loves it.
  13. J

    Review: Paradise Nikki

    Who cares about weight? To each his own, but at 150 she's not going to be fat, just thick. Personally, I can't wait to hit it from the back soon.
  14. J

    Review: Indie- Marianita

    She's ripped. Insanely muscular body based on pics. Yikes, for me not sure how that'd be, though tempting since she openly advertises Greek. Rare and looks like she loves ass play.
  15. J

    Review: Paradise Nikki

    Lol I did notice that. Debating making the trek for the novelty of it. Been a long time since I've had white pussy other than my wife lmao.
  16. J

    Review: Paradise Nikki

    Thanks for the review. Saw pics from the spa, she looks super hot and thick. Say it ain't so...a really thick good looking white girl at an amp.... yummy.
  17. J

    Review: Nikki at Paradise

    Saw pics... she looks real good if you like thicc. Damn
  18. J

    Review: Nikki at Paradise

    Man this has my attention. A huge assed Spanish woman who gives good service? Yum. If only paradise wasn't so far... makes the decision harder
  19. J

    Review: Incall - Greek with Donna

    While that's true and in line with the forum rules, I'll bang the drum from my perspective yet again. Some of you guys are absolutely fucking nuts in your choices, especially in this case where said acts present the single highest risk for a death dealing disease. I hope some of you don't...
  20. J

    Review: Nikki at Paradise

    So she's asian but built like a thick white woman? A bit confused