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    Desires of New York (DONY)

    Going later tonight. I’ll fill you guys in if zenny doesn’t by then
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    Review: Brandy - Lear Talent

    You have an area code from one of the 5 suburbs? If not then that’s the problem. It took a couple months for a text back because I have a Tennessee phone number
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    Review: Aiko bad service

    Seems like you’re more into PSE than GFE.
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    Desires of New York (DONY)

    I could’ve had an appointment at 6-7pm ish but timing wasn’t right for me. Apparently she was still arriving, via plane, that day
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    Review: Yoyo NYAW - new star on the scene

    They even know themselves lol. You just have to keep trying back in two weeks or so
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    Desires of New York (DONY)

    Tried yesterday but she was arriving late, 6pm ish, so didn’t have time
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    Review: Fiona-NYAW

    If you’re a regular yes they do
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    Review: Spin-her the best Spinner YOYO @ PLAYFUL ESCORTS

    One comment leads to another
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    Desires of New York (DONY)

    Just need references.
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    Review: Spin-her the best Spinner YOYO @ PLAYFUL ESCORTS

    Shhh don’t start another gossip thread
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    Desires of New York (DONY)

    Looks like new talent, Ella. Pictures looks great. Might have to leave work early to see her this week.
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    Review: NYAW Yuna (1st day korean/chinese)

    Did you not read the details? It literally says in it
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    Indie Provider Precautions - Undercover

    Y’all watching too many movies
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    Review: DONY Sophia

    Nice. first comment
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    Best time of day to visit?

    I usually go at night, 10pm, when the sun has already set but that’s when you’re getting the leftovers from previous mongers.
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    Review: bad experience

    Next time use your gut and run
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    Indie Provider Precautions - Undercover

    “Are you affiliated with law enforcement” “No” “Ok” . . . “You’re under arrest”
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    Desires of New York (DONY)

    I am aware ;)