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    Review: Quick visit with YuYu

    She has someone with her Just ok service Everyone comes in for YUYU
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    Review: Quick visit with YuYu

    Most of my old favorite Dim Sum Spots are long gone. Hop Shing probably being the best for 7 am pork buns Sadly the food quality has really dropped off post Covid, similar to the quality of ladies in the game
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    Review: YaYa 246 Grand St

    I saw her Wednesday, Aunt Flow just arrived Might explain the break
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    Review: YaYa 246 Grand St

    She is pretty thin, little bit of a loose pregnancy belly? I think it’s tough to compare her services to the seasoned pros but she can be enthusiastic and fun if you have a connection.
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    Review: Quick visit with YuYu

    Title: Review: Quick visit with YuYu Date: Jun 1, 2023 Phone: 212-334-8383 City: New york State: NY Location: 120 Elizabeth St Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim, nice Bs with a little Covid weight Private Details: YuYu is usually pretty busy all day. I have made a...
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    Review: Amy - 45 Bayard 2nd Fl

    Think Lily is splitting time between a few spots Got a text to check her out at 90 Elizabeth
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    Lucy from 98M-6th floor whereabouts?

    I think the OP is referring to Lucy from the 6th floor. She was at a spot on eldridge a few months ago I forgot the number
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    Review: U-nah @ Good day spa

    Yup Was tempted to drop By this Saturday But ran out of time Perfect run equals Lobster brothers for a couple of lobsters and insanely fresh scallops Korean Booty on the way home
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    Review: U-nah @ Good day spa

    I had a visit with her on Saturday as well. She was very nice and accommodating, would def repeat
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    Review: FangFang - Lucky1018

    I see they have her off the schedule now? WAs definitely curious, some of those photos make her legs look super chunky. Thank you for TOFT and reporting back
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    Belmar (or somewhere near there)

    I haven’t tried dream works, will have to pass by there on my next Trip south
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    Belmar (or somewhere near there)

    I have always had a good time at Good Day Spa in Neptune City
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    Review: Miku the cute girl you

    Title: Review: Miku the cute girl you Date: Feb 11, 2023 Phone: Website access City: Jersey City State: NJ Location: Apartment Age Estimate: 20s Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: Cute girl next store, still a little baby fat Private Details: This was my first time using Booker...
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    Review: Ocen-Vanti

    The only time I have had a really good experience there was when Ewa popped in for like 3 days? She was small with glasses but got pretty wild
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    Review: Sun Tui Na- Lina

    I enjoyed a visit with her on Saturday Said she would be there a month? She was fun, not as wild and free as the OP’s experience but I would definitely repeat
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    Review: Bespectacled Mom Lilly at Jie Xing

    I thought I saw a note on a thread that 6th floor Lucy ended up somewhere on Eldridge? She was a trip, made the mistake of giving her my number. Got a good morning text every day LOL
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    I have had two nice experiences at Good Day on Saturdays
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    Short stop in Seattle

    I do I have been to Seattle before. I am allowing time to eat some good food and enjoy some company into my time in the City. Thanks and any positive suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated
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    Short stop in Seattle

    Greetings all, I will have a couple of hours to kill before my flight out of Seattle in December. Any recommendations for a nice GFE Experience with comparable rates to NYC would be greatly appreciated. A recommendation on a great spot for Dinner is always a plus as well.