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    U sure it was just really good service lol
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    Review: Real Chocolate STG

    Yeah I’m sure it was her roommates bf hanging out and just trying to keep outta sight but it was uncomfortable for me.
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    I saw one but I wasn’t eating from it lol
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    Crown is the bomb of your looking for standard service.
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    Review: Real Chocolate STG

    Went to see her once and asked to use bathroom, another provider was there and seemed nervous about it, went in the bathroom looked in the shower and some brother was hiding out in there. I don’t think anything dishonest was planned but I didn’t take the chance I left, and I was bummed because I...
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    Review: Flow - Rose

    She gives decent massage. On the flip she will show you the girls and does a really good slow work up, never had a jackhammer with her. Not the best looking but not bad either.
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    Dragon Hand Massage in Mechanicsburg

    Seems like a great opportunity to leave with a hard on lol
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    Review: Villiage coco

    Title: Review: Villiage coco Date: Mar 11, 2024 Phone: 2767709429 City: Bethlem State: Pa Location: Elizabeth st House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60-60 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Mom bod. Ok looking in the face very short. B cup Private Details: Stopped...
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    STG massage in Allentown

    Saw her in a different town. She had banging body if your into thick chicks. Not Fs but a great singer
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    Rates are too high for my taste
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    Big is ok with me. But her no response isn’t so saved me some too I guess
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    Review: Calm Spa / Lena

    Better for Pm maybe
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    Review: Lavender Spa One - Elsa

    For sure let’s not get another one shut down fellas
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    Port Trevorton

    Let me know if you make the trip
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    Port Trevorton

    I’ve texted with her but never pulled the trigger, let me know if you do, her pics intrigue me
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    Sexy prof

    Will do!
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    Sexy prof

    If it makes you feel any better , I’ll probably still go lmao
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    Sexy prof

    lol you may have saved me! Don’t hate yourself…when the little guy takes over we all do dumb shit lol
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    Diane in Lancaster (dimples)

    She does have a skin condition. She is really good if you’re into Bbw. I hadn’t realize she was still in the area.