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  1. Rudyrudy

    Review: VIP- Apple

    I had her on my radar after you wrote a review just before she left a while back! Missed her then. I messaged you a little ago asking if she was around but you didn’t answer. Sad lol! All worked out! Thanks for the review in the first place that made me aware of her! Is she from California?
  2. Rudyrudy

    Review: VIP- Apple

    Title: Review: VIP- Apple Date: May 25, 2024 Phone: 610-821-7782 City: Allentown State: PA Location: Union blvd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70-150 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 28 Physical Description: Short, after she took the heels off. Very pretty face, nice body. Tiny and...
  3. Rudyrudy

    Review: VIP - Yoyo

    So is there really an Apple here?
  4. Rudyrudy

    Review: New Ellie

    Odd feeling about this review. Oblivious to what went down here? Is this indeed spring rose spa?
  5. Rudyrudy

    Review: T-Spa Angela

    Did the girl Apple that was here ever show up anywhere that you know of?
  6. Rudyrudy

    Review: Mei Ling Spa

    Alright so I saw the one line, so I get it. Also a lot of us have been looking for her. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t want her name mentioned when it would bring back former customers.
  7. Rudyrudy

    Review: Yu yu @ Norriton Eden spa

    That sucks! Sorry you got such An attitude! When that happens to me I give up, make her finish the massage only, and at the end tell her why she gets no tip! Paid enough for house fee! Last time it happened to me it was someone at Hilltop, forget the name now. Good review anyway. Thanks for the...
  8. Rudyrudy

    Review: Chocolate is a Tasty Snack Treat at Sesame 54

    Read the date listed on the review then apologize! Lol
  9. Rudyrudy

    Review: Honey at Sesame 54... Sweet Sticky Thang!

    Barbie still there? She could be honey from the description. Did she CHange her name or leave or something else? I liked her slide!
  10. Rudyrudy

    Massage quest warminster Tina / Alice

    That was very nice of you to help her out! I love stories of compassion and caring! You are a good man!
  11. Rudyrudy

    Review: Relax spa

    Title: Review: Relax spa Date: May 12, 2024 Phone: 267-897-1700 City: Chalfont State: PA Location: Small strip mall House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70+100 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 55 Physical Description: Long black hair. Big hard boobs, looks like maybe a little facial touch...
  12. Rudyrudy


    Is she coming back anywhere?
  13. Rudyrudy

    Private Party with AMP's

    Televised live on Korean TV?
  14. Rudyrudy

    Review: Yi Spa - Lilly

    Ah I see! Good review
  15. Rudyrudy

    Review: Aqua Day Spa - Becky

    I read this review twice and I have no idea of the services except a table shower and a massage! You didn’t even leave a tip amount so I could read between the lines! Private details are there for a reason!
  16. Rudyrudy

    Review: Yi Spa - Lilly

    The Wawa was closed or just the atm? Strange! I hope this doesn’t start a stampede and what happened at spring rose doesn’t happen here! I know after your review I’m interested!
  17. Rudyrudy

    LE at Spring Rose

    Me too!!
  18. Rudyrudy

    LE at Spring Rose

    Yea, I was late for my doughnuts! It’s to bad, I was looking forward to Kiki or weiwei from reviews and a trusted members advice! (MK) now they have my phone number, if they seize that stuff!
  19. Rudyrudy

    LE at Spring Rose

    I hope they don’t think I had something to do with it! I called Saturday for my first appointment there and said a half hour. They said ok. Got there half hour later and Angela ask my to wait 15 minutes through translation app. Well I was on a time restriction so I said can’t. Kiki came out and...
  20. Rudyrudy

    LE at Spring Rose

    I drove by at 5:58 Monday and there was a bunch of cops on the sidewalk, about 5, and other people lurking about but saw no girls or even the cop cars!