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  1. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Miranda

    Based on the reviews, it had to be her attitude. I guess I have been lucky not to have a single provider here who was unengaging, although I tried to convince XiXi yesterday to be my provider next time. She smiled back and said "I don't work anymore.".
  2. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Miranda

    Well Amanda has moved on as well.
  3. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Yuki

    Height around 5'4" , Weight maybe 125 (really guessing on this one.)
  4. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Yuki

    Title: Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Yuki Date: May 16, 2024 Phone: 856-562-9205 City: Williamstown State: NJ Location: Traders Lane Shopping Plaza - BHP House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 0.6 + 1.0 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 20's (Not really good guessing age & I think it's tacky...
  5. SJ5553

    Review: Beyond Spa- Lucy

    If they keep their location a secret and only give it out on appointments, don't post signs outside and don't attract unwanted attention, it could have a future. I drove by the Springdale Plaza area and when I could take my eyes off the road, I could not locate it.
  6. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Monica

    You had Xixi. She looks worth a try as well.
  7. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental - Leila

    Lucky you !
  8. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental - Leila

    Really sorry I missed out on her. Leila has been gone for a week now and moved on.
  9. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Monica

    According to their X post this morning, new girl MINA starts with the 3 girls Monica, Coco and Bella today.
  10. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Monica

    I agree that it yes for the place overall but based on your review of Monica, I would say a definite NO. Thanks for TOFTT as I was going to try her next but now I will pass.
  11. SJ5553

    Review: Beyond Spa - Grand Opening Lucy

    Totally agree ! Places like this don't last long in Cherry Hill if word gets out.
  12. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Leila

    It's a shame I never got to try Leila, Amy or Vicky. The turnover here is really fast and I do like to sample new talent but would like to see at least two weeks for each girl here to give us that chance. I was going to see Leila this morning only to find out that she was gone.
  13. SJ5553

    Violet massage

    Go try it out yourself and post your experience. There are currently TWO new girls, 3 girls total. I wanted to go today but had business come up.
  14. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Spa - Amy

    Looks like Amy has left. X shows new girl Coco starting today.
  15. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental

    Bella really like DATY and I had a great time down there enjoying that tasty treat.
  16. SJ5553

    Review: Violet spa

    Given the current lineup, it would have to be Mary.
  17. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Spa - Bella

    Love that sailor outfit with nothing else on underneath. Lets you know immediately she is ready for fun.
  18. SJ5553

    Review: Mekar - Kathy Resubmit

    I agree, are you sure that was Kathy. Maybe, she is finally getting the message. Still Kiki remains the best.
  19. SJ5553

    Review: Violet Oriental Spa: Lilly

    Spending the extra 40 does not always guarantee quality. I will take my chances like OTM and keep the extra 40 and roll the dice.
  20. SJ5553

    Review: DaDaDa Happy

    If we knew Sue was coming back, there would be a waiting list for appointments for weeks !!! She was the G.O.A.T. of all AMP providers.