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    International Sites Like This (UK)

    Appreciate the info.
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    International Sites Like This (UK)

    Thanks for the site!
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    Strip Club Extras

    Evening but during a winter storm, it was a few weeks back. So they were definitely slow. So in a sense, same concept of day time but better talent.
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    Strip Club Extras

    Not sure this helps, but I received a couple offers at Cheerleaders in South Philly. However the price just does not fit the service. She was looking to do VIP with another $200 here. Smoking hot redhead. I forget her name but I was calling her "Utah" as that's where she was from, probably an...
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    International Sites Like This (UK)

    Does anyone know if there are international sites like this? I'm traveling to London, UK in the next couple weeks and although things seem to be much more public there due to more favorable laws. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good review sites or resources?
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    Review: Pleasure Spa

    Title: Review: Pleasure Spa Date: Mar 7, 2024 Phone: (610) 844-5591 City: Plymouth Meeting State: PA Location: Germantown Pike House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50ish Physical Description: Plain Looking, Thin but very strong. Not attractive. Private...
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    Lavender Streak

    It depends, doesn't look it but who knows. It seems they may just identify as both or something.
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    Lavender Streak

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    Lavender Streak

    Nothing remotely indicates anything other than therapeutic. I think best case scenario she gives a really good massage and that's it. Worse case it's mediocre. I don't see much else.
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    Review: Danielle - Independent

    I think I’ve finally seen it all…I’m surprised she didn’t charge you double for this craziness. What’s on the menu for the next time? Tickling her?
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    Has anyone seen Tammi in Northeast ?

    Kathryn from DELCO was a good time until she started using too much.
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    Review: Heavenly Spa-Linda

    Title: Review: Heavenly Spa-Linda Date: May 27, 2023 Phone: (610) 277-1888 City: East Norriton State: PA Location: Dekalb Pike Age Estimate: 45ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: About 5'4", very strong, average looks at best. Private Details: Decided to give this one a try...
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    It seems many are making their money off blue balls with a few exceptions.
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    Blue Moon Spa - Wayne?

    Location? It doesn't even come up in google. Must be brand new.
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    Plymouth Indie - Any Info?

    Interesting, seems almost too good to be true. Let us know how it goes!
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    Review: Red Rose Spa - Plymouth Meeting

    I thought this place had closed but that's interesting that they reopened.
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    Review: Allevia - Lucy

    I agree, this place went from one extreme to another it's only a manner of time before they're on the radar, if not already.
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    Review: Allevia Spa - Cici

    It seems like things have dramatically changed here. New ownership?
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    Ex-Serenity Blue location in Andorra

    Nothing to be had here. Just a strong massage.
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    Review: Nirvana - Susan

    Her massage isn't even worth it. It's very good but it's not worth the other bullshit. So you can't even file her under the strictly therapeutic category.