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    Review: Stone spa Happy
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    Review: Stone spa Happy

    Shakedown Nicholas11 Robert19 Gotta BAN them ALL!! We are not idiots you idiot.
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    Review: 785 spa- lucky

    My favorite spot for now lol
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    Review: Stone spa Happy

    Lots of fake reviews from Stone.
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    Review: Veronica Love

    Met her once looked in her late 40ś but IMHO her ass was hot.
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    Review: Swan Lake -Jenny

    So you just jumped on this board and wrote a review in this early morning before having a decent morning fu*k. All of the process just took 13 minutes. What a smart guy! I’m seeing more and more of reviews wrote by a newbee just joined less than a hour. WTF! BTW, thanks for your heads up.
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    Review: Pink - 465

    A well-known place with their poor management.
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    Review: Dover Acu - Oh My Julie!

    One thing I am sure Many of Chinese girls don't clean their kitty after business and I realized years ago. Since that, I never give a DATY to C girls.
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    Review: dover acp/ joy /Julie

    I love your honest review Ken. Just asking who got Yes from you?
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    Badpages reliable

    90% hit or miss. Whatelse?
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    Review: HNS - Jay

    Bait and switch system?
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    Review: Anna

    These women travel.
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    Review: Heaven - Elm6688

    Do they really give a good deep tissue before the main course on the table?