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    Review: time2relax - new girl

    Seems like a fake review to me.
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    Review: Woodbridge Latina

    Not fan of the setup. Most time you will find two girls in a small room, you do one while the other hides in the bathroom.
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    Review: Ocean Melody

    Sound like a nice R&T place.
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    Review: 1074 SPA - Dayana

    I see a Diana in today’s lineup. Good times!
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    Review: 1074 SPA - Dayana

    With the same name or a different name?
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    Review: 648 Wellness Spa - Apple

    Title: Review: 648 Wellness Spa - Apple Date: Apr 6, 2024 Phone: 609-228-9288 City: South Plainfield State: NJ Location: Stelton Rd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + 1.4 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: Beautiful women in her 30s, Height about 5.3, Weight...
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    Review: Anna Sanchez Indy

    Is she still working? Her website and twitter accounts are disabled.
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    Review: Hands On- Luna

    Its one of those one and done places.
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    Review: Bliss Edison

    It would be helpful if you can write a review about the visit.
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    Review: Bliss Edison

    To me its an one and done place.
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    Review: BSC SPA

    Should be in north NJ.
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    Review: Reiku - Angelica

    If they added a shower, I won't go anywhere else ;)
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    Review: Massage Therapy: Emma

    Unfortunately no, but she was wearing a sexy little pink dress!
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    Review: Massage Therapy: Emma

    Title: Review: Massage Therapy: Emma Date: Mar 2, 2024 Phone: (908) 821-8191 City: South Plainfield State: NJ Location: Small commercial building, next to asian restaurant House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70+120 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: I found her very...
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    Recommendation for Union Sq area

    Partybabes are in the neighborhood.
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    Review: Parsippany Indy - Natalie, the best Indy I have seen so far

    Thanks to the moderators to remove the inappropriate comments from an overzealous member. Sanity restored!
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    Thick Latina Spas near East Brunswick

    I have read the service was not very good at Hands On Boutique, has it gotten better?
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    Review: Layla Indy

    Sounds like a great gal. How is the verification process with Marc?
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    Review: STG Ebony Jay

    Looks like she is in Florida now.