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    Review: New Spa Lomi

    Was more of a menu offered?
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    Review: Lotus Spa Ivy

    Title: Review: Lotus Spa Ivy Date: Apr 22, 2024 Phone: 203-491-6495 City: Newtown State: Connecticut Location: 289 S Main St House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 plus $160 Nationality: Vietnamese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Petite, cute face, dark hair, brown eyes, shoulder...
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    Review: NYAF Lucy the nastiest by far

    [removed inappropriate content]
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    Cromwell Latinas

    Seeing lots more Latinas posting in Cromwell. Are they all with an agency? Hotel?
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    Review: Wendy Comfort Spa New Haven

    Title: Review: Wendy Comfort Spa New Haven Date: Apr 11, 2024 Phone: 203-285-7706 City: New Haven State: Connecticut Location: Office next to Kumo House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70 plus $130 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 44-50 Physical Description: 5’2 Sexy face, D’S, belly flab...
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    New New Haven Spot

    Has anyone tied this spot out in New Haven? Looks like an office building set up.
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    Review: Crystal at Scratch

    Has anyone seen Belle?
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    Review: Sun spa DD

    Tiffany is at new healthy aroma in Wallingford. Blue spa is also in Wallingford. There are reviews for both on this board.
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    Walked out of Wellness spa

    Shocking this has always been a FS establishment. Always much older women but def FS. Would need more intel to confirm this finding….
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    Review: Sun spa DD

    I disagree with best place by far. Tiff in Wallingford and Cindy or Lucky at blue spa all provide superior service over anything I’ve gotten at sun spa since pre Covid. Times and quality have really changed at this place in my mind.
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    The Classy Nudist

    Was wondering if anyone had any intel on this provider? I’m thinking about making a trip and don’t see anything on here.
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    Going to the garden tomorrow for the big East tournament and was looking to have some fun near MSG. Amy suggestions? FS spa or providers. Thanks!
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    Scratch asking for photo ID and LinkedIn Profile

    I get that, however the way this location works you have to be buzzed in. So if someone is lying or is not who they want to see they can’t turn them away. There are other apartments on the floor… Glad I got in in the beginning. I wouldn’t want to provide all of that stuff either but u understand...
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    Scratch asking for photo ID and LinkedIn Profile

    They are very selective with who they let it. The setting is in a private apartment where you need to be buzzed in. They don’t want just anyone coming in and drawing attention.
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    BGS Lisa

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    BGS Lisa

    Does anyone know where Lisa is working these days? Appreciate the help!