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    Review: GFEI White

    Title: Review: GFEI White Date: Apr 29, 2024 Phone: 650-477-5015 City: SM Location: Hoefood House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 3xx Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: 5'2, pale, skinny, shoulder length hair, natural Cs Private Details: Went in for a afternoon sesh...
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    Review: Zuri - SA

    Find it hard to believe SA has talent in the 20s
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    Review: Tesia spa Julie

    Title: Review: Tesia spa Julie Date: Apr 5, 2024 Phone: 650-231-9287 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: Off El Camino House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50 + 30 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Shoulder length hair, really thin, maybe 100 lbs, 5'1 Private...
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    Pedicure + Extras?

    Tell me more about haircut +massage and extras.
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    Reddit monger groups???

    Bay mongers should have own discord group
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    Any good recs for Roseville/Rocklin?

    For FS or R&T, Thx.
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    Is that by florin area?
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    Review: Four seasons judy

    Sounds like a walk of shame if theres any ladies in the nail salon
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    Review: Four seasons judy

    Found few reviews but what's your general take on talent and cleanliness at golden eagle?
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    Review: Four seasons judy

    Title: Review: Four seasons judy Date: Feb 12, 2024 Phone: 650-389-2641 City: San mateo Location: 25th House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 45 hhr Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: 5'1 45y ish long hair 105lbs Private Details: Saw a recent review for Tina and...
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    Review: Tina at Avee

    Damn, Mr Weinstein over here
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    Review: Mia massage - Nancy

    What's hs? Headshot? Lol
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    Review: Rosalia- GFEI

    Thx for the review
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    Review: Tesia Spa - Bella

    They might be closed for Chinese new year
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    Review: Chi day spa ivy

    Title: Review: Chi day spa ivy Date: Jan 12, 2024 Phone: 650) 389-7689 City: San mateo Location: ECR next to piano shop House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Early 30s Physical Description: Attractive 5'2 slim c cup natural long hair no tats Private...
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    Review: Aria spa (no name)

    Title: Review: Aria spa (no name) Date: Dec 21, 2023 Phone: 6505588188 City: Burlingame State: CA House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: 5'2, natural B's, skinny 100lbs, pony tail, masked Private Details: Ran some errands around...
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    Review: Tesia Spa - Rachel

    Only know of 2 with blonde hair, 1 is lily, not sure the other name
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    Review: Tesia Spa - Rachel, easy to get them confused, both have dyed hair but they're different.
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    Quirky phrases

    She's missed, my perfect provider ♥️
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    Review: FKG ZURI