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    Review: Edgewater #1-Sunny

    Title: Review: Edgewater #1-Sunny Date: Apr 27, 2024 Phone: (201) 224-8778 City: Edgewater #1 State: NJ Location: River Rd next to a laundromat and intersection. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Mid-late 30s. Physical Description: about 5'4...
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    Review: Monica-Gold

    Title: Review: Monica-Gold Date: Dec 17, 2023 Phone: (917)940-9989 City: Passaic State: NJ Location: Main Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1+0.6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Petite, smooth, white skin, perky breasts, cute face Private Details: Visited...
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    Review: Momo at Hillcrest Heaven

    Hmm the MMS negotiating prices like that seem like a red flag for me. I'd be nervous if this happened. Like you are literally discussing $ for services.
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    Review: Edgewater # 1 - Pinky

    Did you find the girls being tired at that time? I'm thinking of going late one time due to work but i'm hesitant to go late due to worry about them being tired and not into it, ruining any session.
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    Getting a provider's #

    Oh ok you use WeChat also. That was what I had used and she was pretty open about it. Do you find most are ok with adding as a contact?
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    Getting a provider's #

    So i've seen a provider a few months ago and at the end of the session asked if she'd like to link up on social media or exchange numbers. We did. It was the first time doing this but i've been thinking of maybe doing this consistently to build a sort of digital rolodex of trusted people that...
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    Review: Hawaii Spa - Mia - why did I think things would be different?

    Called and said they're open till 2:30am. Has anyone every gone late? Like after midnight and if so, how was the traffic? I'd assume it would be quiet.
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    Review: Hawai Sp - Very Sketchy

    That is definitely not normal. Something wasn't right. I think you're right for leaving.
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    Review: HNS Mia

    Yes Mia said she is still there. As for what she offers you'll have to ask her personally as I didn't request anything particular that time so I don't know what she offers. But I did take a look at her feet and I can say they're pretty and she would look great in sheer pantyhose.
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    Review: HNS Mia

    I thought Kelly was very pretty too.
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    Review: HNS Mia

    Oh I thought I was the only one lol. Nice to know there are others with this interest. I've even done cosplay with higher end providers that involved costume with pantyhose. But yeah Mia was very sexy in it.
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    Review: HNS Mia

    Title: Review: HNS Mia Date: Jan 25, 2022 Phone: 845-671-9010 City: Nanuet State: NY Location: A commercial area but private Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Voluptuous body, cute face Private Details: 2nd visit to this spa as I had nice time last time. An...
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    Kris York

    I've seen her once a few years ago. You will have to screen but nothing unreasonable, really an ID and maybe work verification but it's honestly nothing intrusive. She's pretty sexy and hosts at her place. A nice quiet apartment. She has firm rules but if you're respectful she will respect you...
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    Do providers generally keep tips?

    Like if you're looking for an extra service or a specific kink from a provider and willing to tip her does the house usually keep it or just her from your knowledge or experience? I'm thinking of maybe requesting some fetish stuff but I know many in amps probably won't entertain extras without...
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    Review: HNS Spa-Kelly

    Title: Review: HNS Spa-Kelly Date: Oct 18, 2021 Phone: (917) 756-9191 City: Nanuet State: NY Location: Off a major street in a semi-commerical area Age Estimate: 35-45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thin, pretty Private Details: This was in the vicinity of my workplace and...
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    Review: HNS - Jay

    May I ask how she would rate out of 10? Any porn star or tv figure she might resemble so we can have an idea what she looks like?
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    Review: 785 Spa-Tina

    Not terribly far and the fee is dirt cheap, like $0.25 per 20 minutes.
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    Review: 785 Spa-Tina

    I'm aware but I'm always leary of someone seeing non-business parking and calling a tow. There's always that one guy or gal.
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    Review: 785 Spa-Tina

    Title: Review: 785 Spa-Tina Date: Oct 5, 2021 Phone: 973-778-3500 City: Passaic State: NJ Location: In a commerical area Age Estimate: 40+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thin, smaller Private Details: After seeing the reviews for 785 Spa in Passaic I thought i'd make a trip...