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  1. salutebattery

    Review: Apple - 365

    Does MM Cs look huge?
  2. salutebattery

    Any new members? My buddy can't create an account.

    Due to the issue, we probably have missed some veterans or active new bees who could be very helpful for this community.
  3. salutebattery

    Review: Green Vue Spa - Candy

    I believe there are 4 or 5 rooms available. And they usually have 2-3 providers. So If I need to wait in the hall, I'd just walk to save my time.
  4. salutebattery

    Any non asian places in central NJ?

    Search "Freehold". Hope you have a good time.
  5. salutebattery

    Review: Heaven is a Spa

    You took them out and enjoyed melons while HJ? If not, 30 would be a reasonable and fair service fee.
  6. salutebattery

    Review: Sparkle Spa - Cara

    No clean-up like TS or hot towels before the massage?
  7. salutebattery

    Review: Apple - Bliss Rose

    New spot?
  8. salutebattery

    It’s that time again

    #3 -- High End Spa 4 girls for 40min 700 WTF!! 2 girls working on nips, 1 girl working on shaft and 1 for DATY? Lol
  9. salutebattery


    There was a Jewish provider in BK. Maybe you can find some old reviews about her.
  10. salutebattery

    Nuru in Newton

    Maybe it was issued by a reputable school not the state.
  11. salutebattery

    Any info on this one?

    Just letting you know there's not of BS on this site. Fake pics and not firm-price even though you already talked with them via text message. If there's no review, I'd say you better step back and keep watching thing's going on.
  12. salutebattery

    Review: Wonderful time with ShaSha @ D3

    Title: Review: Wonderful time with ShaSha @ D3 Date: Apr 30, 2024 Phone: 856-956-3588 City: Sewell House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 0+1.4 (Free house after 6 stamps on card) Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Mid 30 Physical Description: 5'4", average looking but young, middle back length...
  13. salutebattery

    Secret Benefits or Seeking Arrangement???

    Is it easier or harder to hook up with a girl when comparing to FB or IG?
  14. salutebattery

    Review: Goodtime Spa-repeat visit with Sierra

    FIV? Then why didn't you ask her if BYOC was available?
  15. salutebattery

    Why did most passaic spas close?

    They couldn't meet the license requirement.
  16. salutebattery

    Any recommendations for massage and tits play?

    The issue is they ask for tip close to FS amount of an AMP.
  17. salutebattery

    Review: Olive day spa,,Lina

    Not too much details on spas in the area. LE keeps sweeping the area.
  18. salutebattery

    Review: GDS - Ava - Sexy sultry vixen from Gold..

    Current line-up of GDS is really nice. Btw how many chicks are there? 4 or 5?