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    Review: Joy FBSM - Wilmington DE

    Joy is a Master ( Mistress ) of her Craft !
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    Review: Oriental Wellness Massage

    She is not " Skinny " but in really good shape ! A must see imho !
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    Review: Eastern, Amy

    Charlie ...YOU ARE THE "MAN " Appreciate it
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    Review: Eastern, Amy

    Wow ...Charlie this the same beauty that we knew from before this Pandemic ? The White SUV ?
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    AMPs are done

    They will wipe down the table with disinfectant wipes after each client , You and Provider will each wear a mask , she w will wear gloves
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    Enough is enough.....

    Amen .... I know it has been over a month since I have been on a table , and I sure need and miss a good massage ! Stay safe guys . This is the real deal
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    Enough is enough.....

    Saw the interview . Very impressive Guy imho
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    Review: Spa Wellness - Lilly

    Excellent Review ! you filled in all of the data that I neglected , even the Chinese mistake. Thanks
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    Review: SPA WELLNESS

    Forgot to mention it is 40,00 / hr special. hopefully it is still on. found this listed on the new and did not realize it still existed . and also bedpage pretty amazing !
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    Review: SPA WELLNESS

    Title: Review: SPA WELLNESS Date: Feb 23, 2020 Location: 508 PHILADELPHIA PIKE Phone: 3929841345 City: Wilmington State: Delaware Age Estimate: 35=40 Ethnic background: Chinese Physical Description: Attracive Private Details: Brand new and squeeky clean spa. Not certain if they have...
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    Review: Sassy Spa

    Tuddles ..excellent review ! I was curious as to the Greek Festivities ! She has diversified tastes
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    Review: Sassy Spa / Lancaster Ave.

    Title: Review: Sassy Spa / Lancaster Ave. Date: Feb 1, 2020 Location: Lancaster Ave. Wilmington Phone: 3929841345 City: Wilmington State: Delaware Age Estimate: 35=40 Ethnic background: Chinese Physical Description: Attracive Private Details: Had never had a session here before, but...
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    Review: Lily - Meridian Spa

    Guys ......a must visit at 1st floor Trolley Square. New management for several months now. Strictly legit and fantastic massage imho, Attractive, funny , fiesty Sandy is owner and massuese. Gotta try it.
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    Review: Yao Massage Newtown Sq

    Yao had Chinese Women , unless they hired some Korean recently. Just curious
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    Review: Blue wave

    I am also showing signs of ...Aging !
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    Review: Oriental Wellness Center

    I would guess maybe 5'5" -5'7"
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    Review: Eastern Massage

    She works out often , and has some equipment in the front room adjacent to the entrance room. She is the one that previously said she would really like to do construction / renovation work, and has done some. Damn . I would love to have her working under me ...literally ! I had a couple sessions...
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    Review: Eastern Massage

    TJ ...was that Anna ? Slim , like you said , attractive, good English ?
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    Review: Oriental Wellness Center