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    Review: Kelly - honeybrook

    Same experience and I did meet up with her. She wasn’t rude to me but everything else described by hanlir is spot on.
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    Review: Fuji - Devon

    A little bit but I really like that too much
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    Review: Fuji - Devon

    On my stomach and back
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    Review: Fuji - Devon

    My visit was a similar experience. Just need to be ready for a very deep tissue massage. Popped twice so not all bad.
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    Review: Health Bio (OK Spa) - Mickey

    Very similar experience
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    Review: Fuji Health SPA Devon

    I went around noontime one day as well. I was the only one that day as well and I think it was May. She did provide some help on the flip probably because I was the only one there. Not sure if giving all the time. If so would have to be completely quiet.
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    Review: King

    Title: Review: King Date: Jan 19, 2021 Phone: Look it up City: Malvern State: Pa Age Estimate: Mid 20s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim somewhat petite. Very nice. Private Details: Sorry not sure the name, but another great massage from here. The actual massage is really...
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    Review: Joannas - Christina .. or.. ?

    The place Ardmore is nothing bad. Older lady but not too bad. She is a good women
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    Review: Stay at home mom

    I texted her and about to head to Delco for a run. It has to be the same girl. Thanks for the review
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    Review: Johanna's - Christine and Ava

    I have been there 3 times and great experiences everytime so far.
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    Review: Joanna’s- Ava

    Ava was absolutely great. Great experience
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    Review: King 7 - Gina

    I have nothing but good experiences with Gina. Great lady
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    Amora Wellness in Ardmore Pa

    Yeah she is pretty good
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    Amora Wellness in Ardmore Pa

    I was there in the April timeframe and she was opened. Went a couple times. Very nice women very good experience
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    Review: Eva at Johannas

    I stopped in yesterday for the 1st time. I had Eva as well. I thought it was a really good experience. Really nice girl.
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    Joannas Paoli

    I was there yesterday. 1st time and provided with a new girl 2nd day. Emu I think. Very nice