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    Jenna - Indy

    Assuming we are talking about Jenna the smoking hot brunette with a tight body and large bolt-ons. Best days are behind her. Would not trust her location now. She could have made more coin than Busty Marilyn and Shayla combined if she had done things the right way. Wasted talent.
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    Review: Indy - Kaydee

    Ok everyone, fess up. Whose is it? Lmao
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    Review: Joy's New Frien d Cherry

    You have me convinced. I’m trying to book a session lol
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    Review: Return to South Philly Lisa

    I can’t believe I haven’t experienced Lisa yet
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    Review: Berlin News Agency (BNA)

    There are so many who do. Gotta look in the right places
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    Review: Berlin News Agency (BNA)

    I’m late 40’s. And not looking to date or have anything long term. The 19 year old was nervous like most women are meeting a guy they connected with online, but the nervousness goes away quickly. If you’re trying to find a wholesome woman, I agree, I have no idea where to look for that...
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    Review: Berlin News Agency (BNA)

    The guys getting all the ass are out banging and not taking surveys, that’s why numbers are low. The top guys have always gotten more women. That holds up throughout history. I’m not going to rate myself but I know I’m not in the top tier, and I’m telling you that with a little effort (and a...
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    Review: Berlin News Agency (BNA)

    Going to a provider I am seeking a much different experience. Even when I develop a rapport with one of the amp girls, we still have an understanding. Online dating much different. I’ve found that a good profile pic and a decent face pic can go a long way. You gotta hit the gym or be packing or...
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    Review: Miranda

    Just Google the number provided and you’ll see. This girl is not 50. Unless this review is for somebody else entirely. She’s on maternity leave for the rest of the year.
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    Review: Miranda

    I don’t understand how the review states she is in her 50’s but she’s posted being on maternity leave on her site? This girl looks like 30’s to me.
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    Review: Rc ellen

    Wherever they are moving I hope it’s just as remote. My favorite setup of any place I’ve ever been. Ellen is my ATF no doubt
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    Review: Rev Ctr

    this is all relative since none of us know what the others are worth. For the average monger, probably an overpay, but for others who don’t have to worry about an extra Benjamin here or there, it’s an afterthought. I know many are concerned with keeping rates down and expectations, but it’s...
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    Review: Nikki - Indie Northeast

    Damn she looks cute. Very nice ass
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    Review: Rc ellen

    Ugh I love Ellen. Built like a goddess. I have always thought she was sweet actually.
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    Review: Indy -- Summer

    She’s well worth the effort. Underrated IMO
  16. D

    Julia @ Dr Stan in Cherry Hill

    She warmed up nicely after several visits though. I miss her. Very nice body
  17. D

    Has anyone seen her STG

    She used to work over in southwest Philly at one of the adult bookstores. I met her on Fetlife and she wound up inviting me to her room at Inn of the Dove. She wasn’t charging or anything, we just hooked up. She does talk a lot, and she’s had a rough road, lots of drama like you would expect...
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    Dadada upcoming ladies

    Go find out. There are so many reviews of DDD on here. Do the research. You’ve left no reviews and want to know about the menu?
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    Review: Independent - “Sexy” Sasha

    Nope. She’s a south jersey native. Bounces around from Brooklawn to Mount Laurel. Total smoke show, amazing rack, ex-dancer. If she improved her customer service years ago she would be living in an oceanfront property. I’ll never understand some of these girls.