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  1. Steelhead

    Planned vs sudden urge

    Yes, it would have.......yes, she would have, but,..... In knowing the type of sessions she offered, what my needs were, I suggested I received a text from my boss,.......apologizing, I had to cancel my session, promising to reschedule another time.
  2. Steelhead

    Review: Euphoric Bodywork

    ......that could be why she's may have added a new dimension to her sessions,......she indicated an offering of light domination. Here's a lift from another board: (>:I am just getting started with light domination i need some of you savages to get me get started. Come kiss my feet massage me...
  3. Steelhead

    Planned vs sudden urge

    I think the urge is important but for me, not entirely necessary. A bigger consideration is planning, scheduling an appointment. If a more aggressive session is the type of service one requires, prefers or is accustomed to, that service might be referred to as, "I only do this for you", possibly...
  4. Steelhead

    Livin health spa applegarth Monroe

    I had some business out that way this past Wednesday, stopped in for a look..... Jennifer answered the door, a bit disappointed that it was me, knowing there was no way I was looking to spend time with her. I asked whom else was available, she mentioned Linda......not willing to come into the...
  5. Steelhead

    Review: Sunrise Health - Yuyu

    Hey: Thanks.... The only reason I made the post,....I saw your comment. Knowing how far you drive, wanted to fill in the blanks,..... Hope you're good! Stay safe,....all my best!
  6. Steelhead

    Review: Sunrise Health - Yuyu

    Title: Review: Sunrise Health - Yuyu Date: Jan 14, 2020 Phone: UTR City: Scotch Plains State: New Jersey Location: North Avenue Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: About 5-5, thin, nice looking, dirty blonde hair, groomed..... Private Details: Just to add to KR's...
  7. Steelhead

    Review: Standard fee including Dry sauna, ts, fbsm - Sun therapy

    Hey Wiz: Here ya go, number 4...... Good luck!
  8. Steelhead

    Review: Orient Spa won't find Candy or Coco but Lisa remains,......speaking to her just before Thanksgiving, she's till at Osaka on Atlantic in AC.......bit-o-pot (don't we all) but still looks the same, same service, still very sweet.....
  9. Steelhead

    Review: Reiki - Ruby

    Not defending anyone here but curious, consider this: Unless I happen upon a place in my travels and stop in for a look, at times, roll the dice on a session, I always make an appointment. Very often, a walk-in shows-up. I know in some cases either the manager/mamasan or the girl in charge if...
  10. Steelhead

    Review: OneTwo Spa: Grace

    Is there, was there, any mention of you in my previous post?...... don't flatter yourself....but seeing how you assumed,.... you're so easy, I'll play along. You're not, we're not, in a tussle. I thought I was done when some Jerkyboy decided to post his smug remark, "couldn't resist"......thus...
  11. Steelhead

    Review: OneTwo Spa: Grace

    Thanks for your review. Sorry to read about your previous interlude Kmanx. The following does not pertain to you or your review. This is perfect, the closing remark, the reference, not coming as a surprise and about what I would have expected...... (>:So, session with Tiffany sounds like kind...
  12. Steelhead

    Review: Dream works Ruby

    If the same Ruby as this place recycles names,....Flat?,.....she's owns a pair of store boughts, at the very least, large B's, maybe small C's,......and she's definitely Korean.
  13. Steelhead

    toms river needs more amp spas

    ........I think the place was much more underground when she was at the corner of Summer Avenue (1200 Route 37). It really wasn't all that long after she moved to 515 Lakewood that the place was taken down. Agreed on the boyfriend. I don't ever remember him early on or at the first location...
  14. Steelhead

    toms river needs more amp spas

    Redwoods Wellness Center, the place was amazing!,.......R.I.P.,.........January 12 will be three years since the published bust........obviously gone but not easily forgotten.
  15. Steelhead

    Venus at AL

    ......there's one review for her in the New York/Manhattan section, simply type Venus into the search bar,.....when the results are displayed, she was the fourth one down from the top a moment ago. The short,....seems her top is not natural, nor are the photos, what else is...
  16. Steelhead

    Review: Review: Bliss Spa - Misha or Sasha

    (>:this thread is stupid and subjective to well, basically nothing... Hopefully the moderator just closes it.:<) sound familiar!
  17. Steelhead

    Review: Stress Relief - Lucy

    .....thin, spinner, 5-3, maybe 105lbs,...natural B's, small tattoo on her right upper arm/shoulder.......clean, groomed, small firm behind,.......cute enough, nice lady......
  18. Steelhead

    Review: Joyful meeting with Joy in Neptune

    I hope you weren't surprised by the news.....
  19. Steelhead

    Review: Review - Tiffany at One Two Spa

    Nah,......not taking the bait, whatever works for you, knock yourself out.
  20. Steelhead

    Girls sharing info on regulars

    I think it's a pretty bold assumption, on many levels, that a clients desires, expectations, capability would be predictably conveyed by those sharing notes. How does one account for or explain chemistry, the attraction between two people. The only thing I would find consistent, possibly taken...