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  1. kwokdiesel

    Nancy's Twitter Suspended.

    @NancyBeautyPl is their backup
  2. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancy Spa - Miya

    Yep the things people will do to try get free access to read reviews SMH
  3. kwokdiesel

    Best DT you’ve gotten

    Man if you have to ask then you haven’t been mongering for long LOL Sally who runs NYAF and a couple other places. She used to provide back in the Grace Spa and Angels and Kings days. Girl would take your cock balls deep. Her tonsil sphincter was so tight that when your little head goes past it...
  4. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancys Spa - Kayla

    @MiseryIsWisdom Please double check the phone number. Looks like you posted BGS’ number instead in your review LOL should be 516-323-2388 IIRC.
  5. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancy Spa - Nicole

    Why don’t you read my profile again since you’re so infatuated with this FOB and see that I have reviews of other places? I’m sorry to have insulted 5 year olds because at least they can read. Four typos and two run on sentences LOL, you’re such a fool. Is that all you can come up with? Just...
  6. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancy Spa - Nicole

    And you have the reading comprehension of a 5 year old I see :whistle: Love how the goto insult of a simpleton is to call someone a shill or simp. You’re soooo original!
  7. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancy Spa - Nicole

    Aww who hurt you baby? I assume you’re Asian yourself, being you have Linsanity as your avatar, but I could be wrong but def not as wrong as your 50’s age estimate LMFAO. Bruh you give us Asians a bad name not knowing how to tell your own kind’s age LOL. If I didn’t know better I think you...
  8. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancy’s: Chanel

    You can get GFE at this spa for an extra 40 (total 240) that includes DFK, CIM etc. YMMV all things considered in this hobby.
  9. kwokdiesel

    Review: Kayla at Nancy Spa

    Yep agreed. He got exactly what he paid for at Nancy’s for 160. Half hour option is shower if you want (in my opinion if I had only 30 min I’d do a quick shower just to freshen up and leave more time for the room), cbj, fs, and not gfe from my understanding.
  10. kwokdiesel

    Review: Nancy’s Spa: Gemma Columbian

    Yes, with the 300 VIP rate
  11. kwokdiesel

    Review: Gemma, Nancy Spa

    Saw Gemma wrapped in a towel leading a monger out last night when I was there seeing another girl. He had a shit eating grin on his face. She must have rocked his world LOL. She looked real good though. Next on my list! Thanks for the review!
  12. kwokdiesel

    Review: Bunny girl spa

    Like how does this even get approved???
  13. kwokdiesel

    Review: Lena-Nacy

    After reading this nice review, gotta say OP’s username checks out LOL. Good stuff!
  14. kwokdiesel


    She asked me for tips. So I did just that, gave her just my tip. Thank you thank you, you’ve been a wonderful audience! I’ll see myself out now.
  15. kwokdiesel

    No mote 40 road girls??

    The way to do it is not legalize but decriminalize it. Still against the law technically but the authorities won’t pursue or prosecute this victimless “crime”. And get rid of the need to have a massage license while they’re at it.
  16. kwokdiesel

    No mote 40 road girls??

    Agreed. Some fine looking 40+ out there who take care of themselves. While attraction is important for a session, it’s not on the top of my list. I’d rather get with an average looking girl with a great open attitude, oozes sex, and is great at what she does. I’ve found older girls are more...
  17. kwokdiesel

    Review: Review: nancy spa - jessica

    Nope shaved. All gone.
  18. kwokdiesel

    Review: Jessica Nancy Spa

    TS is fixed and good to go! Had an enjoyable TS and sesh with Alice. Will drop a review as soon as I get a chance to collect my thoughts! Nut on gentlemen!
  19. kwokdiesel

    Review: Grand Elegant Joyce

    Good for you. You know her. Hooray. Does she know you pay her mom to blow you? I get it. You’re one of those who think they’re morally superior than the rest of us. You basically called 90% of the folks here idiots with that hobby comment smh. So somehow in your small mind, making mental...
  20. kwokdiesel

    Review: Grand Elegant Joyce

    Umm her daughter is a grown ass adult. [edited out personal and private info about provider]. We’re not talking about a kid here. There were no lines crossed. There are way weirder conversations on this forum but if you think this is weird then maybe you shouldn’t be in this hobby my dude. Go...