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  1. The Anal Thermometer

    Demi from EC. Ebony jamaican

    @Sadie11 - any chance you can get Natalie to come by more than 1x a week?
  2. The Anal Thermometer

    Real young Chinese girls

    Look up sarahofnyc on twitter. It's not written by her (it was far too witty), but she's young. There's a review or two of her as well here.
  3. The Anal Thermometer

    The earthquake was not an excuse not to pay!

    Say what you want about the guy, but he did (via his former attorney) cut a six figure check for trailer trash. The ultimate in overpaying.
  4. The Anal Thermometer

    Review: Natalie - Gentleman’s Choice/Executive Choice

    rnb6969 is like the EC whisperer. He's got the inside info lol. I stopped going after the older crew (Madison, Caitlyn, Tatiana, that deaf chick, etc.) left. Came back, saw Cierra, had a negative experience, haven't been back since. rnb6969 may be hard on you guys, but I would say some of it...
  5. The Anal Thermometer

    Just spoke to Gina Rollins for 1st appt

    Misdirection. I said I've seen her many times over 2 years and never caught anything. This that what happened here? Did you receive DMs about this provider? Either you have first hand knowledge or not. "Looking at the services" doesn't justify spreading gossip.
  6. The Anal Thermometer

    Just spoke to Gina Rollins for 1st appt

    I've seen her multiple times and haven't caught anything. This recent rhetoric about mental illness via spelling mistakes and talk about supposed diseases strikes me as a piling on that is unwarranted. Unless there is first hand knowledge that you guys have. I saw her again recently. I...
  7. The Anal Thermometer

    Just spoke to Gina Rollins for 1st appt

    I'm looking at her website, and it seems like she's working 2 months straight. I don't recall seeing her schedule like that before. Normally, a woman needs to take a week off every so often. Should I assume this woman is past the point of menopause?
  8. The Anal Thermometer

    For you.

    Is Helen asian? No offense, but when I first started, I went to the AMPs because my funds were limited. That isn't the case anymore, so I tend to see other ethnicities. No doubt there are Asians that are worth it, but I guess my yellow fever is gone ATM.
  9. The Anal Thermometer

    For you.

    Can you make a post for people like me, who get into this because they just want their nut busted?
  10. The Anal Thermometer

    Two Boys, One Girl

    I don't believe the OP is gay. I do believe some guys get off on the prospect of a woman being completely dominated by men. Unless DVP is involved. That is gay.
  11. The Anal Thermometer

    Been living in NYC for over 30 YRS. But this has to stop

    When I travel to a different state, I'm in my better behavior. I can't imagine going somewhere for safe haven, and then getting into a tiff with LE and taking cheap shots while they're down and their backs turned. The migrant/asylum issue is more nuanced than some people want to appreciate...
  12. The Anal Thermometer

    Is it worth the risk?

    The fact one can be "happily married" and still feel the need to get new tail tells me what I need to know about marriage and its inability to provide the fulfillment one expects their partner to maintain. It's not, and if the desire to poke something different is that strong you need to cover...
  13. The Anal Thermometer

    Assault and robbery on a provider.

    If I see a guy with a blurry face I'll call the authorities immediately.
  14. The Anal Thermometer

    Confess - Who is paying $3k for this?

    This. Business Insider already did an article on this last year. I almost believe these women are in cahoots with these reporters and editors.
  15. The Anal Thermometer

    Getting old

    They turn against the business. Talk about how it's exploitative and girls shouldn't be doing it. Of course the fact that they themselves cannot make the same kind of money they once did 20 years ago isn't brought up. YouTube is replete with interviews of old 'hos.
  16. The Anal Thermometer

    Non Paid For Sex Adventures!

    This better be an e-book. No guy is gonna buy a hardcopy book about the freak adventures guys have on the side. I told GR that she should write a book as well. For someone like her to do the things she does, there's got to be stories worth telling.
  17. The Anal Thermometer

    I got propositioned by the hotel manager!!!

    I don't want to nitpick but she said is always professional/discreet. She didn't say she *would be* professional/discreet. This could be her using English whimistically, but maybe she's not the sweet innocent single mother she's portraying herself out to be. (For the record, I'm in Team Do It...
  18. The Anal Thermometer

    Review: Tantra Teresa take 2

    I did a review on Honey (the Honey, not one of her girls). I saw her because a member who I won't name was going in about how sexy Honey is, gets so turned in, etc. My review was under an old username. Needless to say, I was disappointed. She was older and chubbier than expected. I then realize...
  19. The Anal Thermometer

    Elite bodyrub

    They will always accommodate a client who'll overpay for a HJ. Check the schedule, that'll answer your question.