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    Review: Anki independent

    Title: Review: Anki independent Date: May 1, 2024 Phone: 929-391-2328 City: Flushing State: New York Location: 41 ave frame House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 120 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30- Early 40 maybe Physical Description: 5’5 ish. C cups. Long black hair. Little body fat...
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    Review: Shao Health Spa ; Nishy

    Did you forget to switch accounts before you bumped the thread for no reason?
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    Review: Anna’s Wave Spa

    Last I visited was over a year ago and she looks the same
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    Review: Anna’s Wave Spa

    Visited here today to see Theresa. Let’s say she is kinda desperate for money. Iykyk
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    Review: Lin Lin Incall FL

    Clearly I was worth your time for you to comment initially and attack me <3 xoxo
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    Review: Lin Lin Incall FL

    @tonymccallan why is lil bro cooking me and not you lol. Maybe he wants a taste of my cock or something. Power just dm me bro and we can set something up
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    Review: Lin Lin Incall FL

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    Review: Lin Lin Incall FL

    Personally I think she is early 20s
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    Review: Q&L Wellness Spa - Eva

    I don’t think you got Eva. She told me she is there Monday to Thursday. Unless her schedule changed
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    Review: Yumi spa- coco

    Are you a child? Please get off the website. Thanks
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    Review: Q&L Wellness Spa - Eva

    Title: Review: Q&L Wellness Spa - Eva Date: Apr 4, 2024 Phone: 6462121388 City: Glendale State: Ny Location: 8747 Myrtle Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 house 50 tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: Skinny, long black hair, b cups. No ass Private...
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    Telegram Mongering Info in Asia

    How do you find these groups in the first place? Also damn 600$ for 45 minutes is wild
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    Review: Forest Hills Reflexology - Julia

    Bro is actually white knighting for her so bad lol. I think he is just pissed someone got the same service as he does for 40$ less LOL
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    Review: Forest Hills Reflexology - Julia

    She allows any sort of roaming for 100$?
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    Review: Review: King beauty (Lisa PM master)

    200$? Why we using codes lol
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    Review: TaiChi 163- Cindy

    But now this place will get very popular since he said that LMAOO
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    Review: Bell Blvd Spa

    Linda was my first amp experience a few years ago lol. But my fav from this place was yumi. She left and I never saw her again :(
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    Review: Lucky foot spa Cindy

    Damn another review said they got a nice massage. I guess that isn’t standard here
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    Condom Recommendation for CBJ

    Teso on main has them?
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    Review: Had Lin Lin for Chinese new Year

    What did you think?