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    Review: Jaime from MSA

    I'm not that familiar with the parking as I typically walk from my hotel. I know there are some lots around the area and plenty of garages a couple of blocks away.
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    Review: Jaime from MSA

    Yes, Jamie Heju is very popular in Nova, Atlanta, especially in Philly. I've seen her in each of these cities dozens of times. As tons of her glowing Philly reviews show, she was fully booked every time I tried booking her. She is probably one of the most reviewed girls at EPM. She is...
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    Review: EPM Kori Repost

    My opinion? Don't ask, don't do it
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    Review: Infinity Shiny

    Title: Review: Infinity Shiny Date: Jan 16, 2024 Phone: (267) 724-6707 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: 12th and Buttonwood House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 220 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Natural beauty, C-D natural? I believe so. About 5'5, not a...
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    Review: Pink - Young keeps getting better

    Is this the same Young that was at New Star about 2 years ago and went to 9 vip for a bit?
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    Review: EPM - Jamie Heju

    Yes and no, but she does a great job at making you think so
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    Review: Shiny at Infinity

    Snowing tonight, Eagles playing, stuck in a hotel room... Sounds like a good time to run down there
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    Review: EPM Shelly

    Title: Review: EPM Shelly Date: Jan 14, 2024 Phone: 267-563-1205 City: Philadelphia State: Pa Location: Center City House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 320 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30ish Physical Description: Pretty sure the pics on the site are of her. Especially the one in the...
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    Which political party is best for our hobby?

    Libertarian is the only choice. That's the only thing I'm saying in this post lol
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    Cheap hj near south Philly?

    Prices are pretty standard
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    Side Hustle

    I wish. I probably should though lol
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    How do you hide this hobby from your wife?

    Follow Porkchop for more life hacks
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    Review: EPM- Jamie the Korean Goddess

    They are better than that Pic. Better natural roundness and the nipples are higher.
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    Review: Jaimie EPM

    She's very sensitive about her weight and anyone that says anything in reviews about it. She talks to me a lot about it and I feel for her
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    Review: EPM - Jamie / Heju

    Great review, describes her perfectly
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    Review: Epm Zelda

    Joe... Come on man
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    Review: Jamie EPM

    She's about 5'8
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    Why would Verizon block them?
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    Best table table shower and body slide?

    I don't want to be a jerk, but you're in the Philly forum and Google maps is pretty widely available
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    Review: EPM Jamie round 2

    Ah, they raised the rate from the popularity of last time. Good for her