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    Male/TS Providers

    Hello, looking for the same , was wondering if you could share any info, dm me
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    Rain? Playhouse

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    Rain? Playhouse

    Hello, I was trying to see is Eain/Rayne, petite curly haired milf at the Playhouse is still around ? Any info would be appreciated, dm me too! Thanks
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    Any have any u fo on the frankford Ave spot by the park / Burger King or the cottman Ave place? Seen reviews on another site, but my Gut tells me they are fake. Just wondering if anyone can shar some experiences ?
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    Review: Ddd- Moma

    Title: Review: Ddd- Moma Date: Jun 22, 2023 Phone: City: Sewell State: Nj Location: 456 House Fee and Tip (if applicable): 60 Age Estimate: 40-60 Physical Description: Ok , thought was bolt ons but it was all bra Private Details: 5’3 , small, not petite! Thick in a menopause way...
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    Need to see someone one with bolt-ons, the bigger ther better! Any suggestions
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    Review: Rose

    What is msog?
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Anyone ever had more than the standard handshake here ?
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    Review: Cool Black Chick in Northeast

    Any more dets on her, looks interesting, but also looks like ymmv kind of thing ??!!
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    DaDaDa Lineup

    Any idea where the Cici that was there when Sue ran the place went , the had a larger top, would love to see and find her again
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    Xi Xi - butterfly tatto on back

    Anyone know whe she is, met her once and she’s been haunting me ever since! Ant ingrown would be great , dm me !
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    Anybody seen her looking for something different

    Has anyone tried that site; ads seem rather sketchy !
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    Review: CiCi @ Sophia’s

    Is this the lady with the butterfly tattoo on her back?
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    Legit massage

    Any one know of a place that give a very good legit massage? A happy end would be great , not looking for fa, just really need a good/great massage
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    Review: Xiao Xiao - Sophia’s Place

    Anyone know where she is at? Would love to see her again
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    Review: Xiao Xiao- Sophia’s Place (not sure what others see in her)

    Anyone know where she went too? Saw her once and can’t stop thinking about her, I would really like to see her again ! Any info please dm me , thanks!
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    Playhouse Lounge

    is there a " champamge bar" to be had? are the prices different and doe Frank Sinatra make an appearance?
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Dang 7am
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    Playhouse Lounge

    Seen her multiple time , years apart, always thought she was doing some kind of fake chow disguised by her bl curly hair! Anyway, does anyone know her schedule?