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    Question about Mary at Toms River

    i think thats my cousin
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    Pending Review

    your review posted but was not accepted , that is what everyone is talking about .
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    Review: km acupressure

    sunny will always work there !
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    Mule Rd FYI

    remember the place redwoods on lakehurst rd . nina and her boyfriend who were the owners lived in that adult community . there are a number of spa owners and workers who are somewhat famous that live there now and have been for years . i wonder if they are at these community meetings and no one...
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    Y & Y Spa Toms River

    whats the big deal its a public spa ? 347 732 7049 . now call it and do a review !
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    Review: Janet in Toms River

    when i was in high school my girlfriend babbet would stab me in the bag with a bic pen while giving me a jackhammer .
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    I seriously am complexed

    hey one more thing , wait to see how fast this post gets shoved to the bottom of the list from the next couple of guys looking for that ass licking woman or which spa will let them film coming on there face .
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    I seriously am complexed

    so i have made mention of what you said on here many times , believe me its of no use . you and me are not on our way out we are out . a spa owner told me she is always looking for help putting adds in flushing papers and when the girls call and she says no fs or bjs or clothes off just hj the...
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    Fell for Provider?

    oh boy was that good advice ?
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    Fell for Provider?

    happens all the time to me its a bad experience , i fall for the girls that are well integrated into american society like the owners of the spas . you have to get out NOW dont wait , best thing is to go to a different spa every week and dont repeat . listen to the song hollywood nights by bob...
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    Review: star acupressure

    Title: Review: star acupressure Date: Oct 21, 2023 Phone: 732 473 1211 City: toms river State: nj Location: rt 37 going east across from aldi House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 hf .8 tip Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: very pretty about 45 long black hair...
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    Ugly pussies

    i think women in general are ugly . im leaning in the direction of just getting a massage and turning over getting the hj and going to burger king then calling it a day . all of it is now getting boring .
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    Review: Janet Absolute Massage

    downtown toms river on irons street off water street there are 2 parkway ramps north and south within one minute .
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    Be careful - I may have gotten covid at an amp

    i dont even understand ?
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    Be careful - I may have gotten covid at an amp

    i laugh that some will wear a mask then go about doing dato and dfk with a provider doing bbbj with other clients . YUCK ! hey how about those non sheet changers . i think this whole amp thing should come to an end . im not getting no shots ether .
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    Be careful - I may have gotten covid at an amp

    i almost died from covid 2 1/2 years ago , in hospital suffocating to death for 2 weeks . thru covid i did back door massages with 3 spas who took in regulars while in shut down . non of the 3 girls had any sign of covid , these women are strong as bulls with all that kim chee and nato they eat...
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    Review: Cindy @ VIP Spa

    NO !
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    What happens if you are a spa and it gets raided

    no matter how you look at it your fucked
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    Weird evening

    sorry you had to spend a friday night on your birthday at a massage parlor , i would have taken you out for a beer and ice cream .