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    New girl

    Wrong coast, smh. Weed is amazing!
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    What Do You Do When There's A Lull?

    For me, I just smoke meth.
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    Klovers New Arrivals Part 2

    I have has a string of bad luck at KL, unfortunately. IMO, it's hit or miss and is a gamble I'm no longer willing to bet on. To the point where I would gladly travel the distance to SM or SJ because of the better selection and more often than not, better experience.
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    Review: Review: Gia-Klovers

    Sorry for the novel! And better luck next time!
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    Review: Review: Gia-Klovers

    Title: Review: Review: Gia-Klovers Date: Nov 21, 2023 Phone: 5107753664 City: Emeryville State: California Location: Home Depot House Fee & Tip (if applicable) Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 37 Physical Description: She looked to be around 5'1" - 5'2", 110lbs'ish, petite, and a...
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    Worthwhile AMPs

    No, there's no good spots.
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    Fuck all that. less than 3 with korg, and shits on pretty much everyone else.
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    ^ this
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    Bbfs questions for the brave

    ^ what he said. During the pandemic, I went nuts. seeng k orgs, c orgs, chicks on listcrawler, and private delights. I used to smash PD chicks so hard the cap would break, and not know it until after I creampied them. So far, so good (fingers crossed!). Now days, money hasn't been as good, so...
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    2018Alice from PD

    I seen her a couple years ago, and she is a milf, some may even say gilf. But she has great sex appeal, and is her best feature. I generally prefer younger, spinner types, but gave her a shot and wasn't disappointed. She's PSE too.
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    Review: Alice

    She's said that she's half korean half thai, but her accent is more thai. Seen her a couple years ago. IMO, she always sucked, service wise. Saw her once, and didn't want to come back. 2nd time, I didn't know it was her, her pics were different and super ps'd. She is hot though, just kinda...