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  1. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Yao - She-She (that how it's said I know the spelling is off)

    I’m not a Chinese speaker but based based on similar sounds in names of famous people: Xi Jingping (Xi pronounced she), I can bet it’s spelled Xixi.
  2. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: The Health Spa

    Wrong forum. :rolleyes: Post on the Allentown forum.
  3. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Green Spa Plus

    Guys. Guys! Stick to the topic! This isn’t a culinary group for crying out loud:rolleyes:
  4. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Nice Beauty Spa - Cindy, Lily and their 4 hands

    You had me at “puffies”. Bruh
  5. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Indy Rose

    By full figure you mean like slim thicc? Hourglass? Or just big belly cottage cheese…fat chick?Thanks!
  6. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: CP Becky

  7. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Review: LKP - Ciel

    Can’t find LKP website anywhere. Any link?
  8. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Shiny at AZNFBSM

    Great review! I saw the pics too and Junior was excited asking please go! Lol
  9. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Tai Chi Amy

    Any extracurriculars? OTR? UTR?
  10. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    CK SPA -York

    I drive by there just about every day and I can attest to the fellow mongers’ observations. Does anyone know the reason? Out of business? Sting?
  11. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Asian health massage

    That’s not good. And still wearing masks? No bueno…
  12. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Review: Asian health massage

    Did you get her name? I’ve seen Alice there before.
  13. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Fitness girls?

  14. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Fitness girls?

    Thanks bro!(y)
  15. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Fitness girls?

    I hear ya bro.(y)
  16. DonJuanDeMarco2180

    Fitness girls?

    Any provider that looks like a fitness model? Tight, athletic and feminine?