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    Do men still pay for sex in a marriage in this days and age?

    Every marriage is somewhat unique but at the end of the day in most cases, men are the ones ultimately responsible for providing a certain lifestyle/standard of living for the family. That means different things in different marriages but most guys wouldn't spend the stuff they do if not for...
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    Review: EPM - Jamie

    Title: Review: EPM - Jamie Date: May 18, 2024 Phone: 267-563-1205 City: Philly State: PA Location: Chinatown House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $340 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Early 30s Physical Description: Very pretty face, DDs, shapely beautiful body Private Details: I first saw...
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    Review: Jamie@EPM. Be still my beating heart

    Saw Jamie today, excellent! Review coming soon.
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    Review: Pepsi and Boba duo

    I really wish Yoko would return to NS. In my opinion she is still the best. Not to take anything away from other good providers, but there is only 1 Yoko.
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    Justifying this hobby

    I agree with most of what has been said on this topic. I traveled internationally a lot for work from 2007-2020 and there were great/cheap options in Asia and South America. I went back to Sao Paulo Brazil last April and the quality for the price isn't what it was back in 2014-2019 timeframe...
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    NYC vs Philly

    It is really comparing Apples and Oranges. NYC has so much variety and different locations you can't even really compare. I still think Philly is in the top 10 US cities, maybe even the top 5. Philly is easier and cheaper to navigate. You can find free parking north of Chinatown if you know...
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    Review: Incall - Greek with Donna

    I saw Donna a few times last summer when they had the place north of Chinatown. A few questions about this current set-up. Back then I think it was $2.20 but it was really 30 minutes and you were in/out (no pun intended). is it still $2.20 and is that an hour of time? Donna is certainly very...
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    Anyone checking out Sun Spa recently?

    Penny and Choi were the two left at Sun when New Star started-up 18 months ago. As others have said, they have struggled to get new girls and retain girls over that time period. Choi left but I heard she may be coming back in the not distant future. Penny is very good but she spends 1/2 the...
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    Review: New star sandy

    Why did u tip so much if the service was bad?
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    Review: DaDaDa -Chanel

    Is this the same Chanel that was recently at New Star in Philly and prior to that worked at Sun Spa in Philly years ago?
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    Pfizer Moderna, or JJ

    I will chime in on this one because I got 2 doses of Pfizer in March 2021 and a booster in April 2022. First in 2021, got my first dose in early March and second dose in late March. No real issues in the weeks after getting the shots, just a sore arm for a day or two. Then in mid/late May of...
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    Review: Nanny @ AZN

    The reality is the cost of mongering has gone up a lot in the last few years. I would say the old $180 is now $220. Which is a 23% increase. Is $40 going to destroy anyone financially, no. But if you go 50 times a year (roughly once a week) it’s $2k a year. It is what it is, hopefully things...
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    Review: Maya - New Star

    I only bother seeing Tina or Sky at NS. And Yoko if she ever returns. Penny at Sun is also excellent. The others are all mediocre at best. They aren’t worth 2.20.
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    Review: Sun Spa - Penny - Resubmitted

    I agree 100%. Tina, Yoko, Penny, Candy, Choi, and Sky are all the legends. All very good, can’t go wrong.
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    mongering sex vs SO sex

    I think it depends on the person and the circumstances but I certainly think it can. There are several factors at play. One is how sexually attracted you are to your SO and how much sexual chemistry there is with that person. There are guys out there that marry women they aren't that...
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    Review: Infinity with Tiffany

    I haven’t heard about Violet Spa before but just stared looking at some of the reviews on the SJ Board. Seems promising.
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    Review: Mickey- new star

    Micky has been around a while and to Wayne's point has never been a star but has gotten some decent reviews. The problem I am seeing out there right now is twofold, a lot of the old stars that originated from Sun Spa back in the 2020/2021 period are working less or moving on. Yoko, Penny...
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    Sex life at home

    Interesting topic, just read the last page or two of posts. I am not married but have developed a theory just based on observation that I call the 10/80/10 theory. 10% of guys won't cheat of their wife under any circumstances. Really hot women is coming on them and there is almost zero chance...
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    Review: New Star - Chanel

    Yeah, I was disappointed. I used to see her at Sun and I think back then she wasn’t a fan of bbbj but I was paying $160. Today she wants $220 for the same service level. Actually more than $220.
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    Review: New Star - Chanel

    No Sky is a different girl. Sky started at New Star back in Nov 2022 and has been at New Star off and on since it opened. Sky is very service oriented and while I wouldn't say she is a stunner in the looks department she is cute. Sky, Tina, and Yoko are the NS originals and they all excellent...