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  1. H

    Review: Seville - latina

    very funny lol im straight
  2. H

    Review: Seville - latina

    Bro i see some good reviews here but when i google the # why do so many TS ads pop up?
  3. H

    What the hell is wrong with me ? Am I jaded?

    You did nothing wrong at all you went in very smoothly she just wasnt interested on to the next dont beat yourself up its a numbers game
  4. H

    Latina NNJ

    Hello can you pm me some info please
  5. H

    Do you guys really think you're making these ladies cum?

    The male ego in full effect in this thread lol im sure it happens but have you guys took the time to think of how many guys they are with a day, week, or year. Yeah it happens but they basically are used up.
  6. H

    How long do you last?

    Just a few pumps, the anxiety of being at that place, the major teasing, and the fact i dont jerk off i cant last at all. A regular girl i can hold it in (10 to 30 mins) especially the second round but AMP i cant last at all to much build up lol
  7. H

    Review: HnS Spa - Jay

    So jay is back?
  8. H

    Review: JAY (.)^(.) - HNS

    is jay back?
  9. H

    Central American Bars

    I know of one by my way I heard the same experience from guys I know I'm looking to meet women that organically want to do it. But I feel like paying money she better me milking something and not just dancing
  10. H

    Central American Bars

    I know spots like this but i have a question when you get the girls number outside the place do you have to pay to play or will the girl do it if she likes you?
  11. H

    losing virginity at amp

    Escort will not give you the right confidence you can learn a few things from it but its not real its to easy. Nothing good in life is easy once you start setting up those dates and getting laid that's a real confidence because if you do it once you will do it again. Think about it once you get...
  12. H

    losing virginity at amp

    Bro don't do it to your keep self improving keep working out and get your weight up, if your approaching and getting numbers you can turn it into a lay. YOUR ONLY 21!!! stop worrying about what people think a lot of guys that are getting laid are simps, or there have sluts as girlfriends your...
  13. H

    losing virginity at amp

    Pretty much his comment a one night stand would be ok but from a real interaction something natural. Him losing his virginity to a pro would damage him big time. Go to a bar with him and talk to girls
  14. H

    losing virginity at amp

    be a good friend don't let him do it
  15. H

    No DFK but CIM ok?

  16. H

    No DFK but CIM ok?

    Anybody know where i can get a CIM chick ready in north jersey right now?
  17. H

    ISO HNS Jay

    Anybody find out if she is really back?