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    Review: Stone spa Suki

    So rose red spa changed name to diamond spa and then closed all within 3 weeks
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    Review: Zone Spa palisades park the good the bad and the ugly

    @Timtinytool2 , at least she was consistent. I saw her last week and it was one of the worst experiences. Sorry. Wish you had bolted out of there. At least she has 2 reviews now. For viewers who cannot read the reviews, Linda is a total dog!
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    Review: Baby at Gold

    You had me at “ Felt like I was making out with a Komodo dragon.”. Lol
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    Review: Zone spa - Linda

    Thanks. I think you’re right Heaven is the better option now.
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    Review: Zone spa - Linda

    Title: Review: Zone spa - Linda Date: Mar 6, 2024 Phone: 2014824788 City: Palisades park State: Nj Location: Delta gas station , grand ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 + 60 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 50+ Physical Description: Nasty, old , shitty attitude, dyed brown high...
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    Review: Zone spa Palisade

    Bs review. Zone spa sux. I just had Linda, total dog. Will write review shortly
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    Review: Sweet petite Sophia @ AQUA SPA Edgewater

    She is 40+. But as long you enjoy it, does it matter.
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    Review: AQUA SPA Edgewater with Michelle

    Old Sophia, old Michelle
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    Review: Red Rose - Lily

    Did red rose just change name to diamnond spa?
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    Review: Hawaii - Tatiana

    Toftt! Thanks! These are more valuable than the yes recommendations
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    Review: Valatina new at Hawaii

    Hawaii just don’t care. Too many mongers lining up! I stop going there when the waiting room is full
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    Review: Gold - Monica

    Just odd how many of these comments are from users with little reviews. @Rx7gringo seems legit
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    Review: AQUA SPA Edgewater with Michelle

    Maybe they look young but I can assure you they are all over 40. As long as you enjoy them, age really does not matter.
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    Review: 365 - Apple

    Man made top.
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    Review: Apple - 365 Spa

    Apple tits are fake and bit hard
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    Review: 785 - Emily

    Title: Review: 785 - Emily Date: Jan 25, 2024 Phone: 9179409974 City: Passaic State: Nj Location: Kfc House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Long hair. 3 inches above her waist. Petite. She is around 5,1 or 5,2. Very thin now...
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    Tightest grippiest provider edgewater passaic

    I know a few of you would keep a few name under the radar. But for those who are in sharing holiday mood, please let me know which provider in edgewater / passaic is grippy. Dm is fine
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    Review: Emily-GDS

    Just curious, my nad if someone already ask. Same Emily from 785 before passaic issues. Emily with bane, total sweet heart
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    Review: Hawaii Spa - Grace

    Just curious do people expect full hour any more? Either queens or hawaii. Sometimes i just want to leave
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    Review: Hawaii Spa - didn’t catch a name

    @Dc46. I was about to write the same thing. But the braces should trimmed down the name possibilities