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  1. J

    Review: Sanford asian fasthouse

    Does not matter what your level of social standing or education Is. If you’re not having second thoughts about This hobby then Your dick has totally taken control of your brain. Evolution has Definitely left you behind! Any spa still opened At this point needs to Be avoided now and in the...
  2. J

    Review: Mimi @ TW

    I wonder how many and which ones will do Greek at TW & 202/206 will do Greek?
  3. J

    Review: Phoenix rises once again at TW

    After all the news I am getting regarding the virus outbreak. Any spa or brothel not closing at this point should never be trusted in the future. Those not closed Or planning to close by now Just don’t care about the customers or their workers and I would avoid Them in the future.
  4. J

    Review: Jinlvzhou - Amy

    A lot of them are closed. Those not closed are slow and suffer from their best providers taking time off For a few weeks. Any smart mamasan or papasan should Temporarily close and not put their customers and workers at risk.
  5. J

    Review: Jinlvzhou - Amy

    Got it, LOL. Like I said, call me naive.
  6. J

    Review: Jinlvzhou - Amy

    Call me naive but What is TF?
  7. J

    Review: BwTw cherry

    She is new @ TW So maybe in time things will change.
  8. J

    Review: Therapy Wholistic - Jennifer

    I was going to say then shower But another monger beat to it. What is the problem showering together at TW?
  9. J

    Review: Mei & Coco

  10. J

    Review: Flushing Incall - Lisa

    Trying to figure out what the toy In the last picture of her flusingincall Page used for?
  11. J

    Review: Mei & Coco

    The family upstairs will eventually notice the foot traffic and become suspicious. Not too good.
  12. J

    Review: TW - Daisy

    everyone else believe the monger except you. You are living in a fantasy world to think that this could not happen, especially knowing the provider.
  13. J

    Review: ANHC - Jennifer

    There are a few of them here, both shills and spies pimping out middle aged ladies.
  14. J

    Review: ANHC - Jennifer

    Life has not been good for me. Now I find out that Nancy has been two timing me. Nothing left for me now but to just end it all, she is not even taking my calls Fuck you tony! Just joking dude. But Question is, are you the husband or the boyfriend ?
  15. J

    Review: 202/206 with a twist

    “Clean freaks” is the right way to put it with some of them. Especially if you have been in a relationship with some of them. It’s good practice but a total pain in the ass sometimes!
  16. J

    Review: ANCH - Jennifer.

    WTF happened there ?!
  17. J

    Review: ANCH - Jennifer.

    In the business world it is called restructuring, LOL!
  18. J

    Review: 202/206 with a twist

    Totally crazy! I never thought her to into BB.