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    Three Massage Polar in NE Closed Recently

    Sunny on red Lion is now closed as well.
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    Lingham Massage

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    Review: Violet Lilly

    Yeah but there's a body to body aspect thats hot and the milking table itself is great. There's a difference and some people find that difference worth it
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    Review: Violet Lilly

    When a lady knows how to edge with a milking table a mouth isn't needed. I've seen both VL and RR. I agree that I don't like VLs limits but for $$$ it's a great session. Very much worth the money. I honestly prefer RR but with her price point it's more of a splurge when I feel like dropping the...
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    Russians in Old City?

    I have not, but I'd give it a shot. Like kantuchdis, I thoroughly enjoy the Russians in chonshy. The price is good if that's what you're looking for. It's more than just a hj. Hot Russian broad rubbing her naked body all over you and teasing/edging during the session. It's great. Yeah it's more...
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    Review: Revitalization Center-Victoria

    How was her top?
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    Franklin Mills area

    There's plenty of reviews of her in this site. Even if you can't read private details you can see that basically everyone recommends her so if you're trying to book with her just pull the trigger.
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    Review: Sunny Massage - Julie

    I tried this place out once. Went in and a guy showed me to a room and had me wait for a lady. It must have been 15 or 20 minutes and no one came in. Got dressed and got out of there didn't even see anyone on my way out. As far as I'm concerned I don't even think any women work here.
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    Because many of us visit independent providers as well as amps

    Maybe he was new. I know in my early days I've put myself in some questionable situations where I was actually nervous. Liveescortreviews days lol. There was a girl I visited in bucks county at a shady motel and someone ended up banging on the door trying to get in. We waited it out and we were...
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    Review: Indy Aaliyah Alexis visiting ....

    Oh wow. That's why a doubles was so high when Nikki told me she had someone she's doing doubles with a while back. I'd just stick with Nikki for sure.
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    Review: Indy Aaliyah Alexis visiting ....

    North or northeast
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    Fitness girls?

    You're gonna have to contact and ask. Some say absolutely no nude or sexual activities. Pass by them and see who lists Dom or other fetishes and contact and see if they'll do what you're into. You'll find that there are women who will. Not amp prices but they'll let you know through email if...
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    Fitness girls?

    I have not had a session yet but I've reached out to multiple and schedules never lined up. If they list fetishes that aren't just wrestling or grappling you tell them what you're into and they may or may not accommodate. There are girls on there who will do fbsm with HE
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    Fitness girls?

    Check out may be able to find what you're looking for. Need to filter out the girls who only do wrestling. They're there though
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    Review: Veronica Love

    Put some time with your SO, if possible try a bit more with the relationship, more times than not it she may put out more. Maybe she doesn't have tits as nice as Veronica Love...
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    Review: Veronica Love

    It's on her site
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    Review: Veronica Love

    I saw her maybe 4 years ago and I wouldn't have thought she was even 40. She was sthe best provider I've ever met. Her tits were fucking amazing too. I can't vouch for any weight she may have gained but she was great 4 years ago and I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger again. I say do it
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    Who is the hottest girl at Pain Prevention Center in Monmouth Junction?

    Sasha is hot with a great body and top. I never had a problem with her attitude. My personal favorite is Olga though. She's a wild one, so much fun. Victoria is nice, on the thicker side. I wish Susan would come back.
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    Review: RMP - Hatboro - Kim and Irina

    Just go to a reputable one with solid reviews dude. Did you write this sipping wine by the fire?
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    From my experience yes. I'm not sure if that's changed or others had a different experience.