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    Review: Roosevelt 63 - 17 Spa

    I don’t get massage so I usually give 140 - 160 for FS
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    Review: Roosevelt 63 - 17 Spa

    Title: Review: Roosevelt 63 - 17 Spa Date: Jun 4, 2021 Phone: 845) 806-6143 City: Woodside State: NY Location: Opposite of q32 bus stop Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: C cups, decent ass, small gut Private Details: Omw home from work had the urge so got off 61rst and...
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    Review: E2 - Yoyo, but not intended

    All them different positions made my man forget math
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    Review: E2 Spa - Happy

    Title: Review: E2 Spa - Happy Date: Jun 5, 2021 Phone: 347-458-5918 City: Flushing State: NY Location: Prince Street on Northern Boulevard Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: DDs, Pretty face, Decent Ass Private Details: Texted if Happy was available, made an...
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    Review: PBS - Stacy - what a way to start my day

    Cheeta piss is wild bro, I was fked up
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    Review: Pure Bliss Spa: Angela

    Seen her on her first day, does everything she can to please! Very sweet girl.
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    Review: Isabella - MysteryLover

    Nice review. $$$ gives 2 pops with her?
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    Review: NYAW — Sara

    Glad you had fun bro, Sara is a pro
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    Review: NYAW - SARA

    Someone told me the same thing, I guess I had a good high that day which led to a unforgettable session.
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    Review: NYAW - SARA

    Title: Review: NYAW Date: Apr 29, 2021 Phone: 9293821000 City: Midtown State: NY Location: 54th n lex Age Estimate: 35ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Hot for her age Private Details: Read a lot of reviews on this place so I said fuck it, let’s give it a shot. Before going...
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    Review: SASA SPA IN Elmhurst

    What’s her name?
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    Review: Finally Asian BBW 38DDs!

    texted her today, got a reply. wish me luck boys
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    Review: 51-19 Relaxation - Cindy

    No, only cbj
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    Review: 88th and Roosevelt previous from 40th rd

    saw some asian lady today, giving out cards on 88th, not the best looking
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    Looking for nuru message spots.

    Looking for nuru message spots. Any leads?
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    Review: Emma - AL

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    Review: 51-19 Relaxation - Cindy

    Title: Review: 51-19 Relaxation - Cindy Date: Apr 9, 2019 Phone: 646-770-7757 City: Woodside State: NY Location: 51-19 43rd Ave, Woodside, NY 11377 Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Nice tits, ok face, no ass Private Details: Small place about 2 rooms, she was...
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    Review: Sophie at Balala

    curry got flavour
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    Review: Balala Spa