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    Anyone know where Savanna is ?

    Georgia, I believe.
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    Review: Asahi - New Tina

    I did and I left a review.
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    Review: Asahi - Coco

    Title: Review: Asahi - Coco Date: Feb 5, 2024 Phone: 9083651776 City: Scotch Plains State: NJ Location: next yo sub shop House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 + 140 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: 4'11'-5'0' petite spinner long back hair, brown eyes pretty face...
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    Which provider do you miss the most?

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    Which provider do you miss the most?

    ashley from?
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    Review: Avoid Parsippany

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    Review: Jess-The Den

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    Review: Peaceful Mind - Sophia & Javier Bardem lookalike (no name given)

    "What business is it if yours where I'm from...FRIEND-O?"
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    Review: Jess-The Den

    There's a LINK to her ad. Her ad has her number.
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    Review: Jess-The Den

    The Den (in South Amboy) where she used to work and Delilah's Den in Manville (where she works now) you could/can get FS. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. The VIP rooms are SO NASTY, tho. I would opt for takeout if it's available and, apparently now, it is.
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    Review: Jess-The Den

    Are we talking about the same girl? She was practically just out of high school when she worked at the den and that was like 2010.
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    Review: Jess-The Den
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    Review: Jess-The Den

    She's on STG now, as "Jennifer Sins."
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    Does YS spa in Butler have twitter page

    He's trying to keep that a secret!
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    Review: Jess-The Den

    You don't grow tits from an A-Cup to a C-cup by "getting clean!"She was working at Delilah's in S.A. right after high school. She NEVER had any tits!
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    Review: Jess-The Den

    did she get a boob job? She was barely an A-cup when she started dancing up until May of last year.
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    Review: YS Spa - Cece

    Probably more like a few guys went to the other girls and said: "I get X, Y and Z from Tina for 140 + 70, so I expect the same from you." I'm not saying you're wrong about the snitching, but it's hard to verify and their or other explanations, like the one you gave above, that are more likely...
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    Review: YS Spa - Cece

    If you're gonna go bare, you can't call those aftereffects "unforseen." And if a few guys went to Judy and informed her of that, that alone would get her bounced. It doesn't require "ratting out' by the others. Even Tina could be mistaken about how MMS knew about her activities.
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    Review: YS Spa - Cece

    Pretty sure he's just speculating. How would he actually know something like that?!? Did Jenny or Cici cop to it? Unlikely.
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    Review: YS Spa - Sara