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    Review: Tokyo spa Mia

    Title: Review: Tokyo spa Mia Date: Apr 10, 2024 Phone: 347 716 9099 City: Central Valley State: NY Location: Diner House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 /1$ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Petite milf with slim body , long hair , nice rack Private Details...
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    Review: new girl mina

    tattoo on belly?
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    Review: Red Rose Spa - Suki

    a review with literary worthiness
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    Review: Young one for a change

    thank goodness bc last time I was there the lady was old as balls
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    division of tip and house fee

    A girl at s FS shop told me the mamasan asks for $20 of her tip per customer, the tip being her only pay. When she was at a HJ place for the same boss she received $20 per customer plus her whole tip. Is this the standard ?
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    Review: Jenny@Cherry Blossom Love Spa in Monticello

    Title: Review: Jenny@Cherry Blossom Love Spa in Monticello Date: Jan 19, 2024 Phone: 516-435-0007 City: Monticello State: NY Location: Main drag House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50+$ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Cute face, decent shape , long hair tinted...
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    Physical Health Spa

    Inn spa on 9 also full svce
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    Review: Jenny @ Elegant spa Newburgh

    Title: Review: Jenny @ Elegant spa Newburgh Date: Dec 28, 2023 Phone: 9293927177 City: Newburgh State: NY Location: 9W House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70+$ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50's Physical Description: Thick milf with a cute face and long hair. Private Details: Have...
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    Review: Stone Spa - Linda

    review of the day !
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    Review: Yuki - Soothing Day Spa

    Had scampi and a smoke at lunch then headed over there earlier. Bon appetit !
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    Review: Cherry land spa Coco

    This why "tips" should be decided after service
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    Review: Wendy @ Inn spa

    Title: Review: Wendy @ Inn spa Date: Aug 3, 2023 Phone: 845 765 8140 City: Wappingers State: NY Location: rt 9 House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 70/140 Age Estimate: 55+ Nationality: Korean Physical Description: short and solid Private Details: This place used to offer only naked HJs...
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    New Rochelle Busts

    When they concluded their investigation were they happy ? These places are there for the taking any time they want . Between review sites and bedpage etc there are no secrets. Interesting how whenever these girls get busted the ages are consistently 10-15 years above reviewers estimates.
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    Review: Soothing day spa new Rochelle - Yuki

    where are you supposed to park for this place?
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    Review: Tina @ cozy spa Ramsey NJ

    As far as I could tell there was no one else there
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    Review: Tina @ cozy spa Ramsey NJ

    Title: Review: Tina @ cozy spa Ramsey NJ Date: Oct 7, 2022 Phone: 201-608-3886 City: Ramsey State: NJ Location: Franklin tpke Age Estimate: 60's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Granny milf Private Details: Saw some comments re this spa and thought I'd check it out. I know the...
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    Review: GGT- Rebecca

    Yes the time thing not cool. Last time I had Rebecca the vibe was good but she left right after we boinked. Had another girl finish the massage with 25 min left. Like a surgeon having the nurse close after the operation.
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    Review: Sally spa

    Title: Review: Sally spa Date: Jul 7, 2022 Phone: 973 533 8200 City: Hamburg State: NJ Location: rt 23 hamburg NJ Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Long and lean with some work Private Details: As far as I can tell this new management making a go of it here...
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    Alternative for viagra

    Has anyone tried phoenix / shockwave ?
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    Review: Sasa at GGT

    Title: Review: Sasa at GGT Date: Jun 2, 2022 Phone: 9735452202 City: Newfoundland State: NJ Location: old rt 23 Age Estimate: 40's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: thin , cute face, petite Private Details: Had a good time with Sasa here recently. Shower was basic. Back in...