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  1. easy2please

    Review: EPM: Luca

    Same Luca but 20 pounds lighter, not a D-cup
  2. easy2please

    New spa opening Flamingo spa

    Maybe Rockledge cops got him, they're some nasty Mofos
  3. easy2please

    Review: Molly @ EPM

    Title: Review: Molly @ EPM Date: Mar 24, 2024 Phone: City: Phila State: PA Location: center city House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 340 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: pics may be her but outdated/PS, now a 5/10 - Cs with eraser nips, some extra...
  4. easy2please

    Review: Haida-South Street

    Upstairs drum solos, nosy neighbors, quotes from founding fathers, unsolved mysteries.....this thread has it all
  5. easy2please


    Oh no, Guadalajara won't do. Well, I did not think the girl could be so cruel. (sorry, I got nothing. I just like the song)
  6. easy2please

    Review: EPM - Rosalia

    Nearly a month late and $43,000 short, can't believe I missed out :p
  7. easy2please

    My rhoughts on FAKE MONGER REVIEWS

    Most people are half full of shit on their best day, so their honest reviews are going to muddy the waters anyway
  8. easy2please

    My rhoughts on FAKE MONGER REVIEWS

    I find the fake outrage about reviews equally annoying
  9. easy2please

    Review: EPM- Jamie the Korean Goddess
  10. easy2please

    Review: CP-Gloria-She’s Back

    They are very nicely done MMs, which she upgraded to about ten years ago. Prior to that she was closer to an A cup
  11. easy2please

    Latina sex worker killed in Soho Hotel

    You do realize this is a thread about a murdered escort :unsure:
  12. easy2please

    CP - process for seeing girls

    Whatever the screener instructed you to do is the process. This is an agency, not an AMP, that's how the business model works. Whether or not you choose to go through with it is up to you - life is full of choices. I can confirm the place is legit and been around for years. If you do go...
  13. easy2please

    Philly #1 in std cases

    Is it insane? Life is also sexually transmitted, we are hard wired as human beings. Between the history of cultural repression about sex in the US and whatever is going on now with the aftermath of "Me Too", incels, etc....this could be its own thread. @Willywild - with what you and Jim said I...
  14. easy2please

    Review: Winny is definitely a winner

    Saw her tonight before she left. She told me she's booked solid until May with no real break. I suggested she take a well deserved vacation before coming back to philly. I tried not to sound too desperate after she thoroughly drained me, although I was in quite a blissful, post-orgasmic fog...
  15. easy2please

    CP Gloria vs. CherryDD?

    Actually Cisco70 provided more valuable info than most on this thread, as he's one of the few who has seen both. The OP was specific about seeking opinions from people who had seen both providers. Not sure why anyone would be butthurt over his preference, or whether he is from NYC or East...
  16. easy2please

    Jamie / Heju

    She was in Philly about a month ago, in addition to what Rizzo said she also gained a few pounds, about 15 lbs according to her. Don't get me wrong, still a great time and same great attitude. She's at Asian Gem in DC area now. She'll be back
  17. easy2please


    Being an expensive magician, I'd expect you to be able to pull a white provider out of your hat
  18. easy2please

    Review: EPM Jaime Heju

    I didn't get a massage when I saw her, but I wasn't there for that. Jamie is very pleasant and eager to please, if you ask for a massage I'm sure she would oblige