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  1. ATLguy


    I saw her about 6 years ago in King of Prussia. She was a big girl but a lot of fun as I remember. Nice and good rate. More reviews of her on BestGFE. The only drawback was she travelled with a dog. Kept him a pen in the room. No issues though for me.
  2. ATLguy

    You think any of these flushing women do squats?

    Unfortunately, they don't get a lot of reps from my visits.
  3. ATLguy

    Review: Joy's New Frien d Cherry

    Had some of the best and worst sessions with her.
  4. ATLguy

    Taking an AMP provider on a date

    Not successful but it took a lot of time and a lot of money to cultivate. A lot of heartache. Dating a woman who's getting banged several times a day is not a winning proposition. I'll stick with paying for my dates an hour at a time. Good luck.
  5. ATLguy

    Review: AZNFBSM-Joy

    A man with a plan
  6. ATLguy

    Watching a couple fuck

    You can pay to watch me have coitus with her. Not sure you could afford it though.
  7. ATLguy

    Reinstatement List

    Thank you!
  8. ATLguy

    Review: Magic Mouth Desiree

    3 times no problems for me. She's that good.
  9. ATLguy

    Review: AZNFBSM-Joy

    Two great choices.
  10. ATLguy

    Is there a name for this position?

    Stripper Slide: The act of a girl rubbing her labia against a man's penis. (urban dictionary)
  11. ATLguy

    How long does it take you to cum?

    My first cup is usually a quick one. Not quite a two pump chump, but maybe 5 minutes. Cup #2 takes another 10-15 minutes. She has too work for #3, maybe 20-30 minutes. After that I'm spent.
  12. ATLguy

    Trading OnlyFans contents

    Willing to trade for Betty White?
  13. ATLguy

    Review: Red Sun - Moon

    Moon at Red Sun is in Wilmington not Elkton. Are you sure you were at the right place?
  14. ATLguy

    Review: Best Asian - Annie

    I thought it was Annie. It wasn't Lisa.
  15. ATLguy

    Review: Mara Indy Collingswood

    Ad says 250 for HH and 350 fo hour. I guess you got a discount?
  16. ATLguy

    Review: Best Asian - Annie

    Title: Review: Best Asian - Annie Date: Feb 24, 2024 Phone: (302) 287-7345 City: Wilmington State: DE Location: Old Capital Trail House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60+120 Ethnic background: Chinese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Average build, nice B cup, responsive nipples, flat...
  17. ATLguy

    Reinstatement List

    That's great news. Thanks!
  18. ATLguy

    Reinstatement List

    Is there any way the accounts and reviews can be combined? Also, kudos to you for recognizing Ben Hogan.
  19. ATLguy

    Reinstatement List

    I was banned as "ATL Guy", returned under my current handle and was banned again. I have no clue what happened but the last thing I remember was defending myself against personal attacks. Never heard anything else... just gone. On a lark, sent another request to be reinstated. Thank you! Glad...
  20. ATLguy

    Anything near North Port?

    I used to live in Sarasota and had family there years ago. Haven't been in 9 years but may be headed that way soon. I've been checking on things there recently. There's an escort Crystal of Port Charlotte who seems to be worth taking a chance on. As for other activities, Sharkey's in Venice or...