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    Review: Oriental Bodyworks

    Title: Review: Oriental Bodyworks -- Candy Date: Mar 21, 2024 Phone: 347-506-8849 City: Elkton State: MD Location: Chestnut Dr. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60/$ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 48-50 Physical Description: 5'2, thick, large natural D Cups, short dark hair...
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    Why are the girls moved around so fast? ...

    If you liked the previous provider, then you'll be likely to give the spa another chance, and if you didn't like the spa then new providers allows hope to spring eternal. So, great way to get customers back in the door.
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    Review: Review: Health Healing Spa - Ella

    Ella must have gotten more adventurous as she got closer to leaving since Joanna has been legit since she opened.
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    Review: 4 Hands with Joy and Cherry

    They all do, Hazy.
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    Review: Wellness Spa - Eva

    How was her English? Wondering if same Eva from the Baltimore Wellness location?
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    Review: Yang nancy

    Lucy is gone? I used to only go to legit places and didn't know Yang was "different" until Lucy broke my cherry. Haven't been there in a while, but they got rid of Jenny for Nancy and now sounds like Lucy is gone. Waxing nostalgic right now.
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    I tried once as well and never got a response.
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    What is a MILF?

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    Hope you got it, I was trying to find it on STG, but her advertisement hasn't been posted over the past few days.
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    Review: Half Day Spa - Apple

    MMS texted and said Apple is back today.
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    If a formal review was provided, with all of the standard attributes -- fees, activities, appearance, etc. -- then this thread could die a peaceful death. Unfortunately, we have contradicting comments by one of Sara's fans (albeit without an actual review), and there have been mixed comments on...
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    Has anyone seen Sara

    Seems like Sara would be a good one for you to do so, that way you can post your first review. What's good for the goose .......
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    Has anyone seen Sara

    Looks like she is back in the Bel Air area. Shame the intel is not ready helpful. Pictures look good but no real definitive or complete reviews. Seems like if she was good, there would be some positive proclamation to that extent. Somehow body odor coupled with the capability of being psycho...
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    Review: Sky Asian Massage - Wouldn't give me a name

    Guess I asked about Anna, so you had nothing. Have you been to HHS in Bel Air recently, if not, go and ask for Ella, she's there until 3/5/24.
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    Review: Sky Asian Massage - Wouldn't give me a name

    Should have tried the Lily's place I questioned instead. :-)
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    Review: Sky Asian Massage - Wouldn't give me a name

    That's terrible -- sorry, to read this review and glad I never ventured that way.
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    Review: Half Day Spa - Apple

    Apple is back today.
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    Review: Indy - "VIP Massage" (CL)

    No problem. Thanks.
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    Review: Indy - "VIP Massage" (CL)

    George have you seen Anna at Lily’s in Edgewood? Worth a visit?
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    Review: Sunny at AZNFBSM

    Seems like Joy should have alerted her to your vip status to ensure a better performance and higher level of customer satisfaction. I'm sure you’ve been there more than your reviews document and therefore deserve vip treatment.