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    Review: Smile

    James Joyce meets Huck Finn?
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    Review: Lin Lin - Wendy

    I think that's what happened in this case. I was so surprised Wendy would give away a scheduled appointment that I contacted her to see what happened. She says she had tried to contact Rudy to confirm he was coming but got no response, and that Rudy got there a few minutes later than the...
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    Review: Lin Lin - Wendy

    Rudyb, I agree with both you and BobLaublaw11. Bob's right as to the reasons they ignore reservations to take a walk-in, but in your case, it was just 15 minutes. She could have told the walk-in he'd have to wait 15 minutes to see if you showed up. I'm surprised she didn't do that. That...
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    Golden Eagle - Jonestown Rd

    It's apparently been there awhile. There are at least two reviews here for it, dating back to last summer. Just do a search with the phone number.
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    Review: Lin Lin - Wendy

    You can no longer count on that, but you CAN count on getting a 5-star TM from her. The best in the area, IMO.
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    Review: Beautiful young Asian

    I'm surprised you'd say that, Wayne.
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    Review: Wenjing Massage - Wenjing

    It says $85 on the website.
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    Review: Lin Lin - Wendy

    I can understand being disappointed, but I don't understand being "pissed".
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    Review: Yans. Coco.

    I take it Anna is gone?
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    Review: Wenjing Massage - Wenjing

    I stopped by today. Took me a bit to find her space in that building. She's upstairs, with no directions in the lobby, just a small sign on her door. I opened the door, and she was giving someone a massage. Thankfully, I couldn't see him behind the drapes. But she was sitting near the...
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    Review: Reported:Yilian Asian Spa, Anna

    The fact that members post Lilitz spas in the Lancaster/York sub-forum proves only that Lilitz is close to the CITY of Lancaster. Similarly, people frequently post about Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg spas in the Harrisburg/Carlisle sub-forum. Every PA sub-forum has city names. When the site...
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    Review: Reported:Yilian Asian Spa, Anna

    No, it's posted in the correct forum. Lancaster and York are also cities, just like Harrisburg and Carlisle, Wilkes Barre and Scranton, and Allentown and Bethlehem. There's nothing to suggest that "Lancaster/York" means counties, while all those other places are clearly cities. And...
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    Review: Tiger/Yellow Lily - Tina

    It's only been 4 days since your review. The mods who approve reviews are volunteers, AFAIK. It's not reasonable to expect them to be whipping through review approval 365 days a year. Approval has been slower the past couple of weeks, but it's still happening. There's nothing you can do...
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    Review: Lin Lin - Wendy

    Wendy gives the best TM of any masseuse I've had in the Harrisburg area, or pretty much anywhere, for that matter. She's rightfully proud that she has her massage license. She knows what she's doing. If you enjoy strong work on your back and shoulders, she's the one.
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    If you click on your most recent review, you should see either "pending" or "rejected" near the top of the page. I'm guessing yours says "pending". If so, just be patient.
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    We have a guy who's written no reviews criticizing a guy who's written 47 reviews. It makes no sense.
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    Review: Sasy - Yuki

    Seemed reasonable to me. "26" and "Very Attractive" can be enough to tip the scales. And some of what he describes as negatives could almost be a turn-on for some hobbyists.
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    Review: Wenjing Massage - Wenjing

    Thanks for the review. I'm going to be down that way a few times next month and might give her a try.
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    Review: Cece Gold Spa

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    Review: Bliss!

    Title: Review: Bliss! Date: Dec 19, 2023 Phone: see Private Details City: Rockville State: MD Location: strip mall, near Duck Donuts House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 75 HF Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: early 40's Physical Description: pretty face, very nice shape, natural C's...