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    Review: 648 Spa

    Tiffany, the Columbian, said yesterday (Thursday) was her last day. She is going back to Miami. I wasn’t impressed with my session with her in any case! Stephanie is supposed to replace Tiffany.
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    Review: Massage 27 Cici

    Title: Review: Massage 27 Cici Date: Jan 4, 2024 Phone: 7327334407 City: Highland Park State: NJ Location: On 27, border of Highland park and Edison House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60+30 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: About 5’3” generic looking Chinese...
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    Review: CiCi @EZ

    Yeah! I think they have the same owners. The girls seem to rotate.
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    Review: Mia, a major disappointment @648

    I’m pretty sure I’m in the ballpark. You take a 150lb fat 5’2” woman, shape up the top and bottom, suck out the belly, you got yourself a F’ doll!
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    Review: CiCi @EZ Common for NNj gold spa 785 spa and GDS EB
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    Review: Mia, a major disappointment @648

    Title: Review: Mia, a major disappointment @648 Date: Dec 6, 2023 Phone: 6092289288 City: South Plainfield State: NJ Location: Stelton road/realtor House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $$ wasted Nationality: Latina Age Estimate: 30-35 Physical Description: First read - omg amazing; up-close...
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    Review: CiCi @EZ

    Title: Review: CiCi @EZ Date: Dec 25, 2023 Phone: 7323518877 City: East Windsor State: NJ Location: Next to IHOP House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 2 total Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 29, she said, I thought younger Physical Description: Pretty face, tiny package, 4.8-4.9 max, 80-90...
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    Review: EZH in East Windsor - Ivy

    I think Ivy left yesterday night. Mamasan (old lady) said someone new is coming. CiCi is still there.
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    Review: Mildred Taylor

    Nice review. Website states massage starts at 95/hour. Did you get 30 minutes?
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    Review: 648 Wellness - bait and switch to KK

    I had a terrible time with Mia the thick Latina. Everyone else (Skye, yoyo, Apple) were A+
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    Review: FINALLY, tried 648- Linda and others

    Apple is 30 or lower. She is sexy as hell and aims to please!
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    Review: Mia-648 spa

    I had a similar pathetic experience with her. Haven’t written yet!
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    Ever Catch An STD From A Parlor? How Do You Protect Yourselves?

    Mike Hall I don’t buy your BS! This is a serious thread. I read your reviews. First 4 of your reviews are at legit places. I have been to every one of those. The last one sounds BS. Every monger that responded said the spa is closed for construction! Either you are not posing your real monger...
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    Can you please PM me too.
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    Review: Indy STG Julia

    Thank you
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    Review: Indy STG Julia

    Can you please PM me the pics?
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    Review: Vibrant Sweet Mia

    Title: Review: Vibrant Sweet Mia Date: Aug 18, 2023 Phone: 6096411234 City: EHT State: NJ Location: Near MCD House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50+50 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: She said 20, my guess is 28 Physical Description: About 5’4” thin tight body, black hair with a beautiful...
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    BodyWorks Wellness BWW Pics

    Add me please
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    Review: New image Helen

    Don’t have it. You call them. They will text you the pics
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    Review: New image Helen

    Title: Review: New image Helen Date: Aug 7, 2023 Phone: 9293911000 City: Somerset State: NJ Location: Call the number House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $$ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: About 5’2” beautiful looks, thin with a small ponch Private Details: I...