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    New Happy Feet on El Camino in San Carlos

    That logo looks like the happy feet that closed in San Bruno on El Camino next to a Filipino spot. Wonder if it’s the same business just shifted down a few cities If it’s anything like the San Bruno spot, it’s legit foot massages and YMMV full body. PPS threw me off.
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    Review: Izumi - no name

    Not when I visited, but I distinctly remember a receptionist like that when I first visited around 2019. I asked if she gave massages and she gave me a funny look. That’s how I knew this place was probably legit. I was kind of hoping things had changed
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    Review: Beaufort Day Spa - Tiffany

    That website is so strange. Especially with the VR experience thing. Where do you find the descriptions of the girls?
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    Review: Izumi - no name

    Title: Review: Izumi - no name Date: Jan 2, 2024 Phone: (650) 787-5195 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: ElCo near Belmont border House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 90+20 (for legit only) Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Slim, fit, older woman with As and...
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    Review: Traveling Emily

    I’m super confused what this means. So not real pics but she is a blond with that body type?
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    Review: Green Leaf Massage - Hot Milf

    This used to be my go to a year ago but my go to girl Emily disappeared, Kiki at Mizuki grabbed my attention, and new spots opened up. Went recently and saw someone much younger on a random weekday (see review) with similar offerings/experience. I’m betting the holiday break is keeping all...
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    Review: Nirvana Day Spa

    You have a way with words. Young providers are my thing so bad reviews wouldn’t normally dissuade me, but damn that 2nd to last paragraph.
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    Review: 40models with Ai

    what’s verification like?
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    What forums are needed RIGHT NOW?

    Definitely Seattle and Bellevue. Could use some rec next time I’m in town
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    Recommendations for San Mateo/belmont/San Carlos, surrounding areas?

    Check the reviews. There’s 2 somewhat reliable store fronts in the area, but many are HJ only. The korgs corgs are your guarantees for more
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    Review: Belmont Health Center - Yoyo

    Surprised you’re going here vs green leaf down the block or the other spot across the street. I’ve only seen significantly older providers at this location
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    Review: Zen Health Center - Yaya

    I thought they were permanently shut down. Different owners?
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    Review: Green Leaf / Wellness - Kimi?

    Title: Review: Green Leaf / Wellness - Kimi? Date: Nov 26, 2023 Phone: (650) 264-8355 City: San Carlos/Belmont State: CA Location: ElCo House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50+100 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 25-30 Physical Description: light dyed hair, short height, thin waist...
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    Advice for privacy

    Saw the MMS of my go to place at my local farmers market. She with someone that looked like a new provider and was wearing heels. Actually a funny moment, but I was definitely ducking my head.
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    Phenomenal euro girls showing up

    With a tip meaning more on top of the fees on the pd page? At $$+, I’m not sure that’s worth it
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    Review: Chi - Ivy

    Exactly same experience as my review. Really adamant on negotiating for every detail and hard to communicate with
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    Review: Tesia Spa - Mimi

    Yeah the traffic is not fun and service had declined. More watching the clock and trying to fit in more people. Last time I went, the provider was on the phone with her landlord about a plumbing issue or something for half of my time. The flood of people coming in and out of that plaza isnt...
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    Review: Gigi @ USSR

    Oof gross. That happened to me once in Millbrae and I similarly shut down.
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    Review: Chi Day Spa - Ivy (resubmit)

    Title: Review: Chi Day Spa - Ivy (resubmit) Date: Oct 11, 2023 Phone: (650) 389-7689 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: Near Safeway House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50+$ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 25 Physical Description: 5’3-5, slim, long black hair, Cs, okay face, trimmed...
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    Review: Chi Day Spa - Ivy

    Title: Review: Chi Day Spa - Ivy Date: Oct 11, 2023 Phone: (650) 389-7689 City: SM State: CA Location: ElCo House Fee & Tip (if applicable) See priv details Age Estimate: 25 Physical Description: Young, slim, ok face Private Details: Saw the other review of Ivy and knew I had to go...