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    Review: Dee: Dee's Massage Therapy

    Denise gives an amazing lomi lomi massage. She’s older early 50’s but works out of her home. It’s very nicely set up very comfortable table and she is a sweetheart. You will always leave happy!!!!
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    Review: Review Indy Sommer: SexyCougar (not)

    Wow I have seen Summer many times and she’s nothing like you discribe her. She’s a very small woman not even chubby and has sexy boobs. She is always clean and cheerful and a joy to spend time with. The only thing negative I could say is I’m not a fan of that much makeup. But other than that...
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    Older,and/or heavier

    I agree I like the bigger ladies also BBW‘s and older also. I’m an older gentleman myself in Mayer always 60s and I like the women that are closer to my age as somebody mentioned Jen Jorden she is in the East Brunswick area. She’s amazing I have to say she gives one of the most sensual HJ...
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    Review: Josie - Indie Provider

    She’s amazing oh and Dominican
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    No social

    Not on social crap I won’t.
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    No social

    I just don’t want to have any of those accounts I think they are BS.
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    Review: STG - Christina

    I like she’s very local to me but can’t seem to get ahold of her.
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    No social

    I’m 63 I used to be on facebook years ago and deleted it after dealing with the BS on there. I never was a tweet person nor do I want to be. You can keep all that social crap not my thing at all.
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    Review: STG - Christina

    I’ve been trying to see her for a long time but never seems to work out. She’s hard to get through to.
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    No social

    For some of us older guys like me that don’t do any tweets or facebook how can we see what these girls look like or who is working? Guys say look at X or crap like that but what if you can’t?
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    Review: Review: Massage 27 - Cici

    I got a nice hj and she took her shirt off and pants down.
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    Review: Beyond Spa - New Girl Suge

    That’s a great idea. I usually give them all 20’s. I like yours better. Maybe give them a couple 100’s.
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    Review: Dream Spa - Bali

    What do us older guys do that don’t do that social crap no tweets or Facebook!!!!!
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    Review: Beyond Spa - New Girl Suge

    I usually give $200 upfront and find service is A1 99% of the time.
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    Review: Sky Spa - Tu Tu

    she insisted on DATY for next 10 mins to reach climax. My kind of woman!!!!
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    Review: Review: Beyond Spa Apple

    Yes, I agree with you about the reviews lately. They’re really starting to read like penthouse forms.
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    Walking distance to the spa

    I have one up the street and another one a few blocks away. I go to them both.
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    Review: Ocean Lucky Massage - Penny

    [removed private details type question]
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    Super Bowl LVIII Next Sunday! Chiefs or 49ers?!?!?!?!

    I’m so sick of hearing about Taylor Swift at a game. I’m sure the only thing she knows about football is her boyfriend plays it. So enough about her already. I don’t care for her or either team I bleed GIANTS BLUE!!!
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    Sophia @ Serenity Spa in Sumerset.

    Are you talking about Serenity Spa on Easton Ave? I’ve never heard of FS there!