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    Good point. I have walked in on every visit. I like both girls so it worked for me but now I should just call ahead. The only thing is I really don't want to blow the other girl off completely. I do enjoy her massage and I thought I had more of a connection with her.
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    That's exactly how I feel about my future visit...Wondering if it will be awkward with her the next time since she wouldn't go for the HJ. Although she was cool and gave me a hug afterwards I didn't give her the norm. The standard damage is .6 for an hour but I always extend to 1.5 hours and...
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    Has anyone experienced this?....I've been going to my "go to" place for about two months now. It's been nothing but strictly therapeutic until around my tenth visit (which was two visits ago) Ended with a HJ without even asking for it. On my next visit, which was my last visit, it wasn't offered...
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    Grace Spa diamond losers and LE hanging outside

    NYPD camera facing the entrance would be the deal breaker for me. Just a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Exercise caution.
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    BBJ and STDs

    Its safer to stick to a HJ.
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    Overnight at my hotel?

    Listen to your inner self. You are apprehensive for a reason and should be. Avoiding the overnight stay is the right call because it's the wise call.
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    Anyone in northeast try susen spa yet?

    Exercise caution when visiting places in the northeast. I've heard too many horror stories. I checked this place out on cityxguide. The pictures are fake and the ad is generic. I would avoid, but if you decide to go let me know how it was.
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    Four Seasons in Ambler

    I loved this place when it was still open. It was my go to back then. I don't remember Jeanie, but I had great chemistry with Annie, Yumi and Sara. I would get Mimi more often than I wanted. She was nice but always tried to upsell me and wasnt very accommodating. There was another girl there...
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    How often is too often

    I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the same girl on consecutive visits. I've never experienced picking from a lineup. It's a crapshoot when I go. It sucks in a way because I do have a favorite but I only get her on every other or third visit. Never consecutive.
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    How often is too often

    Hello fellow mongers. I'm just curious and looking to get a feel from others on how often you go to your "go to" spot. Just wondering if anyone has experienced turning off the provider(s) by visiting too often or is it encouraged as long as you wallet can support it? I visited my favorite spot...
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    Review: 9VIP Rotten Cherry

    After reading the mixed reviews I was thinking about passing on this place, but if they do nuru that changes the game...I'm all in.
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    Review: Noble Spa

    I think they are still open. They have ads on cityxguide.
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    This site sucks.

    I hear ya, but sites like Spa Hunters didn't have an issue with contributors and all the content was free.
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    This site sucks.

    This site provides some good info but the setup is horrible. I don't understand why you need to continuously post reviews to have the ability to read others. Not to mention the ridiculously pay option that was implemented. Why overly complicated something that can be very good if just left alone.
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    Review: Jin's Massage Therapy

    Thanks for the correction. How was your experience there?
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    Those explicit AMP ads on CityGuide?

    I would avoid places in NE Philly. Many were scams and had countless horrible reviews back in the Craigslist and Backpage days. Especially the ones on Cottman ave and Grant ave.
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    Review: Lizhi Health Spa

    Never been a fan of places in strip malls. Too indiscreet for my liking. Just think Robert Kraft. Stay safe my friends.
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    Review: Jin's Massage Therapy

    Made a second visit tonight. When I walked in I only saw one provider (different from the one I had last time) and she was walking around talking on her phone. She ended the call when I walked in and asked if I was there for a massage and how long. I went with an hour again and she collected the...
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    Review: Jin's Massage Therapy

    Not sure how long they will remain open. I went back tonight for the first time since my last review. I don't think they get much business at all. Appears to be only 2 providers both 40's. Massage was great so I will continue to go back just for that. I have a feeling that the more I go things...
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    As an outsider viewing this site

    This is what I found on the web...In espionage terminology, honeypot and honey trap are terms for recruitment involving sexual seduction.