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    Review: Ivy at Chi Day Spa

    Actually... they already knew what they'll do in the US because that is what they did back in China. They already have their connections on where to work once they arrived. You think they expect to work as computer engineers at Google? At $200 an hour these girls are wealthier and paid less...
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    Wondering how many of your are here for the same reason I am

    You don't have to tell her. It is her fault you are fucking around, but women will never admit this. If a husband is unemployed and sitting around watching TV all day, she'd still blame you. It is HER job to cook and provide pussy. If she failed then you gotta eat elsewhere.
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    Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico

    Democracy destroyed, one $60 nut pop at a time. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico

    See. Asian immigrants > Blacks, and Muslim immigrants. Latinos are cool too they fix roofs and shit. These Asian girls have something to offer society at least. But watch out... Don't get too invested. hahaha.
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    Extra Cash Ideas?

    Try giving massages and offer HE?
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    Chinese migrants are fastest growing group crossing into U.S. from Mexico

    Well, we pretty much knew where these Chinese AMP workers are coming from. Once they entered the US from Mexico, they'd be allowed a federal work permit and ITIN number for tax purposes, free Obamacare. You think that girl at 11:05 of the video was oppressed by her government? Girl will be...
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    A female roommate that occasionally pays for rent by cotius?

    You have to be pretty stupid to think this is a good idea. Wait till you get tired of her body after a month and now have to cover 100% of the rent or get #MeToo-ed. You think people that get married have sex 5 times a week after a year? How the f are you going to evict a whore? Never put...
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    New place in Cupertino?

    Hmmm. I wonder what that inflatable tub is? From their Google review page.
  9. L

    New place in Cupertino? I saw this ad posted. Looks like it is under new management. Anyone want to give it a try?
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    I miss Hong Kong doorbell trips.

    Now imagine marrying a Chinese chick that wanted a green card. You never know where her mouth has been. Working at a club like that she must have sucked at least a thousand dicks.
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    I miss Hong Kong doorbell trips.

    And to think you hit that for less than $100 USD. I once told a girl she'd be riding in BMW hanging out with wealthy tech boys if she was in the Bay Area, she didn't believe me. She was a 9/10 by Bay Area clubbing standards, unfortunately she was born in China and was worthless.
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    New Happy Feet on El Camino in San Carlos

    Not feeling the no doors set up, and open area body massage unless other naked chicks are in the same room.
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    I miss Hong Kong doorbell trips.

    Pretty much all of HK's economy is dead. Even local HK consumers are taking their retail and service experiences to China where businesses actually appreciate their money. They are traveling across the border just to shop in Costco and Sam's club these days. HK's night life is DEAD. At...
  14. L

    I miss Hong Kong doorbell trips.

    $50 USD a pop these girls are banging hot. Capitalism and Freedom (legalized) win again.
  15. L

    Any older Mongers over 45 y/o..

    No one wants old women. Duh.
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    Review: Lotus Therapy Spa - Selina

    5 foot 1 and a C Cup?
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    Recommendations for Redwood City?

    There is this place called Acupressure Massage Therapy on Veterans, and from what I have read they are not "legit". I have not visited, you can give it a try and report back.
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    Any ABC massage parlor inSF ?

    Ha you wish. USA is a first world country where people with avg IQ can succeed with an education. City College is cheap or free, an ABC will have to be mentally retarded to end up working in a massage parlor. ABC at the very least will be private escorts. Chinese immigrants work at parlors...
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    Marry a provider?

    Hook it up, you can watch and hold the camera for me and your wife.
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    AMP 3some with Asian wife

    Let me guess white guy with Americanized Asian wife?